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Instead, We Wait

By: pencils.and.paper.roses

For most, December means Christmas.
But not
for us.
We aren't holiday people.

Instead, we wait
for snow
Glorious, shining snow
that covers our shoes
soaks our ankles
and silvers our hair.

Instead, we wait
for hymns
Loud, rolling church hymns
that tell of the Holy Child
bring joy to our hearts
and smiles to our faces.

Instead, we wait
for love
Beautiful love
that arrives at Winter's start
makes eyes shine
and showing true spirit.

Instead, we wait
for December
the coldest month
yet the happiest month
tales of goodwill fly
songs of joy sung
bells rung
In December.

Peer Review

I admired the word choice the most. This piece touched me, even though I don't celebrate Christmas (religion).

The month of December brings joy and love from friends and family to this writer.

I think I would have liked to hear more about the "Beautiful love" and "true spirit." I also wanted more on why December was the happiest month for this writer.

Just a little more on how December is the happiest month. Other than that, it's great!

You should keep writing at this, because you seem to love December, and you have real talent at writing about the winter.

Reviewer Comments

Good job! I really liked it. Maybe elaborate a little more.