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Failure is a Friend of Mine

January 27, 2016


Failure is a Friend of Mine
Tell me,
Have you ever wanted something so much,
That your heart beats for the very purpose of achieving it,
That every waking moment is consumed,
And every sleepless night,
Every broken heart.
Was it really worth it?
The tears shed and blood lost for this foolhardy and worthless thing that is love.
But still,
Every sleepless night,
Every broken heart.
And why do we try,
When we know we will fail.
We are but simple minded sheep,
Destined to follow in the footsteps of our shepherd.
We put on the mask that we wear everyday,
To hide our pain,
and loss,
and worries,
Until we can show the world what it truly means to hurt
Every word,
Every moment,
Gripping tighter and tighter against your throat,
Forcing you to speak, but stealing the words from out of your mouth.
We say we are wise,
But we chase futile dreams
We are fools.
Driven by our own failures and folly,
Rising only to fall again.
And yet.
We wake.
Each day.
To fight a battle for a war that is already lost.
To another sleepless night.
Another broken heart.


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