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November 26, 2018

    In the suburban parts of New York, many decades in the future, there were monsters roaming the town. What was once a peaceful town has become the heart of chaos. These monsters suddenly began to appear without a reason, and the city began to evacuate. They believed was no hope for the residents to be saved.
    However, high school students Selene Raymond, Wendy Bellamy, Elizabeth Kanda, and Louise Lane had suddenly received powers from a small, unknown mythical being named Nike. Nike gave all the girls different gemstones that contained magical powers; those that you’d see in a T.V. show. These powers from the gemstones allowed them to transform into powerful, magical beings; all with unique powers of their own. However, it was vital for these girls to hide their identity as to not risk their lives more than necessary. If these monsters were being controlled from an unknown source and their true identities are leaked, their personal lives could be in grave danger.
    Selene, the official team leader, holder of the selenite gemstone, was Soteria: the goddess of safety and deliverance. Wendy, holder of the lapis lazuli gemstone, was Philotes: goddess of friendship. Elizabeth, holder of the agate gemstone, was Adrestia: goddess of retribution. Lastly, Louise, holder of the sapphire gemstone, was Athena: goddess of wisdom and justice.
Together, Selene, Wendy, Elizabeth, and Louise worked together to protect their beloved town, and prevent the possibility of these monsters attacking the rest of New York.
    “Duck!” Soteria yelled as the dragon monster breathed fired towards them. Soteria and her teammates quickly ducked and rolled out of range. Athena quickly turned on her rocket boots and began to shoot herself up into the air, towards the dragon.
    “Athena, don’t!” Philotes yelled to her.
    The dragon quickly saw Athena approaching and quickly smacked her down into the ground. Athena reacted quickly by turning herself upright mid-air and used her boots to control her speed before landing on the ground. When Athena landed, Adrestia quickly created a path for Soteria and Philotes to allow them to reach the dragon. Soteria turned her boots into a skate-like blade and quickly dashed forwards, while Philotes quickly took off her belt, which turned it into a solid and sturdy stick, and extended it to quickly push her up towards the dragon.
    Philotes reached the dragon first and went to the attack while waiting for Soteria. Philotes summoned her icy-blue scythe and began to spin at extreme speeds, and then went across the dragon’s back. Soteria then arrived and quickly took off her belt, which turned it into a solid belt with spikes covering it except for wherever Soteria’s hands were. While the dragon was distracted with Philotes, Soteria successfully swung and aimed her belt at the dragon’s neck.
    Athena then quickly began to shoot herself up again to aid the others. She then summoned her two red stun guns and began to shoot at the dragon simultaneously. Adrestia slowly began to run towards the dragon as well, using her powers to allow her to have silent steps as to not be heard by the dragon.
    With Athena’s stun guns successfully working on the dragon, Philotes quickly saw an opening and swung her scythe under the dragon’s neck.
    “Athena, grab me and launch us up!” Philotes shouted to Athena.
    Athena understood what Philotes wanted to do, so she shot herself towards Athena, grabbed her by the waist, and shot herself upwards. The scythe made a clean cut on the dragon, and it began to turn into dust and blow away in the wind. The team slowly made their way back down to the ground.
    “Good job everyone, you all did -- where’s Adrestia?” Soteria asked. The group looked around, but Adrestia was not in sight.
Soteria sighed. “She always quietly disappeared when we’re finished. Good job everyone. Let’s just go home now.”
    “I feel bad for her… should we not go look for her?” Athena asked.
    “She’s probably detransformed by now, there’s no point. Like Soteria said, let’s just go home.” Philotes replied.
    They all mutually agreed and went their separate ways. Another monster was defeated, and the town was saved once again. What caused these monsters to appear, they would not learn just yet. For now, the girls just decided to rest and continue on with their lives.


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