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Ace of Spades | Chapter 4 | Lesser

December 6, 2018


TW: spade is now a corrupted manipulative pile of shit, ch*ld ab*se in textsplit 3, yeah knight!spade ain't too good a dude, local RK literally too afraid to reenter kingdom territory,  RK's Ye Olde Purposefullye Butcherede Englishe, that's how he talks don't bully me, local flynn writes 2000+ words in one chapter, like who's even gonna read this lol

this is meant to be some sort of prologue to deltarune, n it's mostly gonna focus on the card kingdom and their residents and how things became like they are now! 
also the way i write the king of spades is different than he is ingame, whether it be before the events of the game or the prologue.
as expected, some deltarune spoilers below, enjoy the show 
also some kingkaard cause i'm weak 
except not in chapter 4-chapter ? because that's when canon spade starts to leak in a little. he's not as bad as ingame, but he's still a manipulative ab*sive piece of shit so. kingkaard's gon be dropped for the time being. i'm like 90% sure even the knight is in the background saying 'dude what the fuck'
chapter 1 here 
chapter 2 here
chapter 3 here

    Rouxls felt like his head had been beaten with a sledgehammer. He groaned weakly, not opening his eyes just yet. He could feel himself dripping like a waterfall. His body hurt too badly for him to move. Where was he? What the hell happened? Why did everything hurt so damn badly? Think. Thinkthinkthinkthinkthink. He slowly opened his eyes--why the hell was the vision out of his left eye so blurry? He forced himself to sit up. He shuffled across the floor and leaned back against his desk--ah, he was in his shop. Good. Somewhere familiar. What happened was a blur, though. He guessed he could try and summon up a few memories when he was in less pain. He allowed himself to almost fall back into unconsciousness..until, his shop's door bells rang. Someone entered. He jolted up again.
    "Who's thither?--" Something tugged near the left side of his mouth. He moved a hand up to the source, and froze. The dripping resumed. There was a strand of skin connecting his mouth together. He could still open his mouth, but not as much to where he could speak easily. His breathing suddenly felt unsteady--he gasped for air, but he couldn't breathe. A cold wet streak ran down his face, followed by a flowing river of tears. The memories hit like a stone hammer--the Knight, the abyss, Pique kneeling with wide, tearful eyes. Then there was nothing but dead silence and empty blackness. Rouxls cried harder. For a long while, sobs were the only noise in the shop. A childish voice shattered the silence.
     "Mister Kaard?"
    The duke frantically moved an arm to dry his tears on his sleeves. He recognized the voice--it was the king's son. Despite his throat being hoarse from crying so hard, he tried to sound as if nothing had happened. He slapped on that stupid butchered accent he usually did. Maybe then it'd seem more like he was okay.
    "L-Lancer, mine prince! What bringeth thee hither, young one?" Despite his desperate attempts to hide his pain, his voice came out shaky and forced. It was still difficult to speak. The prince popped his head out from around the corner of the desk.
    Save for a couple things, Lancer almost looked like a smaller version of his father. He didn't have the stomach mouth--Rouxls guessed that was something their species developed over time? At the time, the prince didn't wear his hood at all times as his father did. His eyes were both black with dark blue spades as pupils. Without the hood, he definitely sold the catlike look, with the ears and the small puffs of unkempt fur. The kid had a habit of sticking his tongue out for no other reason than he liked doing it. Nobody questioned it often save for Dimon and the other...
    The other kings. Rouxls tried to stand up as fast as he could, but only accomplished slamming his head against the bottom of his desk.
    "Heey, be careful!!" Lancer rushed over, trying to pull the duke from underneath the counter. "Dad sent me to check if you were alive, and if you die, I might get in trouble!" Kaard chuckled lightly.
    "I'll beest alright, mine prince. No needeth to worry about me." Untrue. "Thee hath said thy father toldeth thee to look for me?"
    "Yup!" The duke allowed the prince to tug him out of his shelter underneath his desk. "He doesn't wanna see you, just wanted to make sure you were alive!" Fortunately, the little spade hadn't commented or acknowledged the duke's 'new look.' In fact, he didn't even actually notice it. Rouxls frowned, suddenly--a thought had entered his head.
    "How...is thy father, anyway? Is he alright?" Lancer looked up at him in confusion.
    "Yeah, 'course he's alright! He's just acting a little weird...he sorta yelled at me to get you instead'a just asking, and he was muttering about someone called The Knight--"
   "Thy father allowed that.. that THING to stayeth in the kingdom?! After what hath happened to him..? After what hath happened to ME?! Wherefore would he..." The duke trailed off on seeing that Lancer had backed a few steps away from him. Sighing heavily, he knelt down and gently placed a hand on his shoulder.
    "Lancer. Lancer, mine prince. Listen closely. I wanteth thee to beest careful. Around the Knight, and... if things cometh to that point--" he swallowed hard, hesitant to say anything further-- "beest careful around thy father. Can thee doth that for me?"
    "Uhh..Y-yeah, sure!" The prince offered a slightly half-hearted smile. "I'll keep away from the Knight weirdo! I never really liked 'em anyway! I dunno if I'll ever need'a be careful around Dad, though. He's nice!"
    Rouxls didn't have the heart to explain what happened, but he gave a stern look to the smaller Darkner.
    "Lancer. Trust me. Beest. Careful. Doth thou understandeth me?"
     "Aye aye, Lesser Dad!" He saluted comically. A soft amused chuckle escaped Kaard.
    "Lesser Dad?" The duke smiled warmly. "Is that what thee wish to calleth me, mine prince?"
    "Yeah! You're really nice to me! It's..almost like having a second dad!"
    "Well, I am very joyous to heareth that, dear prince! Perhaps, thither has't been a couple times whither I've considered thou a son?" Lancer's eyes lit up like the day sky. 
    "Woah!! Really?!"
    "Aye, aye! runneth along now, little one! And stayeth out of trouble, won't thee?" He ruffled the fur on the top of Lancer's head, prompting a little purring and childish giggling.
    "I will! Thanks, Lesser Dad!" With that, the young prince ran off to report Rouxls being alive to his father. The duke heaved a sigh and forced himself back to his feet again. Sure, he was in agonizing pain, but he needed to get moving anyhow. As he stepped from his shop doors, an overwhelming feeling of dread crashed over him. Something was terribly wrong.
    What normally would've been a nice walk through the kingdom was overridden by a constant, looming feeling of being watched. There was an odd mutter through the subjects he heard talking. He paused briefly, and asked a Hathy about Passon and the other kings. It merely shook its head. Rouxls began to worry--had the Knight claimed not the other's minds, but their lives? Perish the thought. He did eventually get a coherent answer from a single word; 'dungeon.' Kaard stepped into the elevator and lowered it to the prison floors. When the doors opened, a loud dinging noise echoed through the cold walls, alerting each prisoner to the Duke's presence. He stepped out, and the moment he began to wonder what the subject was talking about, a familiar voice barked from the right hallway.
    "Oh, wonderful! Are you back again to mock us of our failure, or are you going to preach about the Knight again?"
    "DUKE KAARD??"
    Rouxls rushed into the room, turning the corner and coming across the source of the voice. Sure enough, there was Dimon along with the other two kings in an almost circus-looking cell with wheels. Passon was in the corner, standing nearly motionless. Hydra was pacing silently. Dimon was at the front of the cell, gripping the bars with all four arms as if he were preparing to tear them open and escape.
    "Duke, Duke! Do you know WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!"
    "I was going to ask you!"
    "Hmph! Well," the King of Diamonds began, scowling, "it seems as if your dear friend Pique has FLOWN OFF THE FUCKING DEEP END!" Rouxls' eyes widened. Dimon continued. "He nearly killed me! And once he had me down, he had me dragged down here and locked up with these two!" He pointed to the other kings with his extra arms before clinging onto the bars again.
    "Ah.. I...I believe I understand wh--"
    "AND, ANOTHER THING!" Kaard flinched back at the yelling. "That madman was rambling on and on about that fellow named the Knight!" Dimon huffed, crossing all of his arms. "He looks at that thing like it's some sort of god!"
    "...I...I know. I was... I was there when he.." The Duke paused for a moment. "When the Knight..corrupted him."
    "Corrupted or not, I'm going to tear that piece of shit apart for harming Passon once I'm out of here! A-and my jewels! My precious jewels, he better not--"
    Rouxls didn't get to hear the rest of Dimon's rant, as he had walked off. Once he reached the first floor, he decided to go check on Lancer--the prince could perhaps bring him a bit of comfort. He was a kind child who was more capable of cheering people up very easily if they needed it. The duke smiled softly to himself as he stepped onto the elevator, hitting the button to the top floor. What could go wrong?
    Everything that could've gone wrong? It went wrong. Lancer felt dizzy--pull it together, he thought. Someone was yelling. They were angry--at him? What'd he do? The situation hit him again, and he began to reconnect to reality. Cold tears were streaming down his face and onto the floor. A sudden, searing pain shot through his face, causing his body to jolt. He moved a hand to the source of the pain, pressing down a little, and immediately flinched away. Bruised. Probably. He guessed this from the many bike crashes he'd had before--he normally didn't come out unscathed. The yelling became much too audible.
The prince dragged himself to his feet, sobs still wreaking his body, trembling uncontrollably. He frantically went to scrub his tears away so he could see properly. Spade stood a short distance in front of his son, scowling as if he was disgusted by the sight before him.
    "Get out of my sight."
Lancer stumbled over his words, sobs and shaking making it hard to speak.
    "I-I--I didn't--" 
    The prince backed up to the door, and without a moment's hesitation, ran like his life depended on it. The tears. Wouldn't. Stop. He pulled his hood over his head as he ran. Don't let anyone see you're weak. Don't let anyone see you're crying. Don't let anyone see you're hurt.
    He felt light. The pain kept cracking through him, but he kept running. He didn't know where he was going, but he kept running. Brushing past guards and anyone who came near him, he eventually crashed right into someone's leg. The person stumbled backward, looking down to check who it was. Their eyes widened at the sight of flowing tears from underneath the boy's hood--and at the sight of him wearing the hood at all. Lancer's heart dropped at the voice.
     "Lancer? Mine prince, art thou alright?"
    He merely wiped his tears away again and continued running.
    Rouxls watched him sprint off with eyes like a deer's in headlights. What had HAPPENED? The Duke speed-walked through the throne room and onto the roof, where the King usually was. One thousand emotions struck him at once--anger, fear, confusion, dismay--everything. When he emerged, sure enough, there was Pique standing upon the roof. Except, this time, his gaze was cast towards the Dark Fountain. Kaard caught a glimpse of the Knight retreating into a puddle as he arrived. Pique turned to face him. He spoke before the other could.
    "Mine king," Rouxls began, trying to keep his tone steadied, "what happened?" He continued with his butchered English, pehaps as some sort of self-comfort.
    "What do you mean, what happened?" The King's expression hardened into a glare.  All of Rouxls' senses screamed: Danger! but he did not falter. The feeling blared into an overwhelming state as he took a step closer, filling his brain and forcing him into silence. Pique huffed slightly.
    "Little brat decided to get smart with me, so I shut 'em up." That sent a cold feeling of fear through Rouxls. He couldn't move. He forced words out.
    "And..what doth thee mean by that, sire...?"
    "Cracked him across the damn face, 's what I did."
    Time stopped. A ringing sound shot through Rouxls' ears and the ground shifted underneath his feet. His balance pitched, but he somehow remained in the same position and place he was. Once he 'restabalized,' he realized the King had stepped much closer, and was now looming over him. Despite his mind screaming against it, he spoke.
    "M-mine king... No matter what that gent hath said, thee... should not has't done him harm."
    "Who the hell are you to tell me what to do, DUKE?"
Rouxls took a step backward. Pique took a step forward. 
    "I'm--I'm only saying, mine king--perhaps---perhaps that wasn't an appropriate reaction to.. to.."
    "Shut the fuck up."
The duke flinched, but held his ground. An anger began churning in his throat and spilling out like bloodied vomit.
    "And am I not justified in saying what you've done is wrong? Am I not justified in saying thee should not has't laid a handeth on that boy?"
    "Get the FUCK out." 
    The tone dropped.
    "ARE YOU FUCKING DEAF, KAARD?! GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY SIGHT BEFORE I THROW YOU OFF OF THE DAMN CASTLE MYSELF!" The King's tone escalated into a roar. Rouxls backed away, breath hitched, eyes widened. He began to realize he was shaking, badly. Tears stung the edges of his eyes and dared to run down his face. This was not the same king he knew. This was not the Pique he fell in love with. This was not the same man that courted the Queen. Hanging his head low, the duke responded in a mutter.
    "Yes, mine king."
    Every time Lancer scrubbed his tears away, new waterworks came to replace what he dried away, causing his sight to once more become unsteady. Before he knew it, he was in the elevator, hitting a button, and then he was running again. He felt like he was flying--that was, until he hit the stairs. His foot didn't strike the ground, and he fell, and he fell, and he fell. He collided with the ground again with a loud THUMP.
    The prince dragged himself up. He was still on the floor, but at least his head wasn't on the cold ground anymore. Pain shot through him constantly, both from the bruise and the tumble he took. He lurched over, head pressed against the floor, and began to sob. For a while, they were the only noises in the room. Soon, however, he heard somebody else sobbing. He looked up, and before him was a cell door. Behind it, though...
   Behind it, there was someone Lancer hadn't seen before--or, maybe he had? The figure had an uncanny familiarity, and he simply couldn't pinpoint why. Their skin was a pale blue, and they had pointed ears like a demon. They wore a jester's hat. Their outfit was black and blue, with yellow-and-green frills around their throat. They had black boots on, and they currently balanced on a long tail that, if curved right, would look like a 'J.' Their face was buried in their hands as they sobbed. The crying nearly sounded faked.
    Lancer sniffled, forcing words out through sobs.
    "..w..why are--Why are y-you crying..?"
The prince forced himself to his feet and backed away.
    "Do..do I know you?"
    "DO YOU KNOW ME? HMMMM.." The stranger leaned backward, somehow still balanced on their tail. "MAYBE YOU DO, MAYBE YOU DON'T! I KNOW I KNOW YOU, YOU!"
    "YES, YES!" They leaned up near the bars, a wide grin spreading across their face. "OF COURSE, OF COURSE I KNOW YOU! THE LITTLE PRINCE, THE JACK, THE JACK OF SPADES! LANCER, THE KING'S SON, SON!" Lancer noted the fellow's strange speech habit. "DON'T TELL ME YOU'VE FORGOTTEN ME, ME? ALTHOUGH, HASN'T EVERYBODY? UEE HEE HEE..."
"I..don't think I do.." Lancer began brushing himself off, wincing whenever he struck a spot that hurt. The stranger's eyes widened a tad.
    "AH! ALLOW ME, ME!"
    Three symbols suddenly appeared out of nowhere; all three of them were clubs. They circled Lancer for a moment before disappearing. Oddly enough, his marks felt like they hurt a lot less. Sure, they still ached, but only a little. A soft smile formed on the prince.
    "Hey..how'd you do that?"
    "SILLY, SILLY PRINCE!" The prisoner had flipped himself over now, gripping onto the bars for balance. "ME AND SEAM HAD SHOWN YOU THAT TRICK BEFORE, BEFORE, WHEN YOU WERE MUCH, MUCH SMALLER!" They straightened themselves again, now propping their arm against nothing and resting their head on their hand. "AAAHH, SEAM..A WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL FELLOW! HE DOESN'T..VISIT MUCH, BUT THAT'S ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT! NO WORRIES AT ALL, UEE HEE HEE! IF HE WISHES TO STAY, STAY HOLED UP IN YOUR PRISON WORLD, THAT'S FINE, FINE BY ME!" Lancer perked up a little.
    "You knew Seam?"
Suddenly, it clicked. The prince's eyes widened.


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  • Quille

    Wow! This is really turning into a cool story :DD Keep it up! :DD

    9 months ago
  • f l o r a

    this was beautiful
    When I read; 'What bringeth thee hither," my weakass eyes read it as "What bringeth thee, Hitler...
    So I had to reread that line twice to keep myself from spontaneously combusting.
    rip my eyes

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