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This is my first attempt at writing a book, I'd like any feedback on my first chapter

Disaster Zone : Chapter one - Disaster

January 27, 2016


Teresa stared longingly at the clock willing the time to go by faster. At last the bell went students flowed out of the school like a river, Teresa walked out with her best friend, Dylan Blackhall. He was a beautiful looking boy, pale brown hair and green eyes, he was muscular but slender and had a smile that could light up the whole planet. "How was your day T?" he asked, "it was good, math's was as boring as ever" Teresa replied smiling, "ahh but as usual media was the highlight of the day I expect" Dylan suggested, "of course" Teresa replied, a brilliant, fake, smile on her face. In ten minutes she was home, she threw her bag into the cupboard, and slumped down onto the sofa. The TV came on, Teresa shot forward, staring in shock at the scenes unfolding on the screen. The Earth shook so violently that buildings seemed to disintigrate, people were being crushed by the deadly rubble which rained down from the sky. Teresa kept her hands close to her body, as if afraid of being sucked into that world. "Mum! Dad! Come quick" she yelled up the stairs her eyes fixated in horror, her heart was in her throat and a sick feeling filled her stomach. Her parents rushed into the room, "Teresa! That is not the sort of thing a fifth teen year old girl should be watching, it's awful, but turn it off" Teresa's mum, Emily, exclaimed, "we can listen on the radio over dinner, set the table please" Teresa's dad, John ordered. John was a soldier, his face was harsh from the nightmarish things he'd seen, only forty war had aged him. Teresa did as she was told and soon her family was sitting in silence eating, listening to the radio, "today a record breaking Earthquake hit, it was 11.5, the largest earthquake in history, over two thousand people were killed in this terrible disaster and authorities warn similar disasters could take place in other parts of the world" the voice explained. John switched off the radio, "that's enough doom and gloom for one day" he stated bluntly not looking up at Teresa or Emily.
 A few hours later the TV suddenly burst into life sending an alarm through the house, a message popped up on the screen, "EMERGENCY: HURRICANE ON THE SOUTHEAST COAST HEADING INLAND, IF YOU ARE RECIEVING THIS MESSAGE, TAKE COVER". A wave of panic hit Teresa with full force, shock and fear forced the air out of her chest, winding her. \"Dylan's dad, Steve, has a basement we can take shelter in, let's go" John commanded, Teresa pulled on her boots with shaking hands, what if we die? she thought, then another thought sprung to mind, what if Dylan dies? somehow that seemed so much worse than her own death, the one person who meant most to her in the world being taken from her.
Terrified, Teresa opened the car door the second they pulled up at Dylan's house. Teresa sprinted for the house, the door opened and Steve stood there, "he's in the basement, go, quick" Steve said. Teresa jogged lightly down the steps, her limbs became numb and fear coursed through her veins. The fear overwhelmed her, tears threatened to spill, Dylan was pacing in the room, he stopped when he saw her. He walked towards Teresa and pulled her into his arms, he rested his chin in her hair, and she rested her head against his chest listening to his quickened heartbeat. He planted a kiss on top of her head, "are you okay?" he asked, concern swimming in his eyes, "I'm fine, let's just go and sit down" Teresa replied. They walked over the corner of the room away from their parents, and sat down. Teresa hugged her knees and rested her head on her best friends shoulder. The wind outside had begun to howl, growing louder and louder, crashes came from outside, the horrible sound of metal smashing into metal. Teresa squeezed her eyes shut and held her breath, willing the time to pass faster. She managed to relax slightly when Dylan took her head and squeezed it. Eventually sleep came. Drearily, Teresa's eyes opened, the sound of wind had disappeared the pitter, patter of rain replaced it. Dylan, Teresa and their families walked up the stairs of the basement, the door had nearly been torn from its hinges. "It's a miracle that door held" Steve admitted, holding Dylan's little sister Lily in his arms. Teresa looked around, everywhere people were crying over bodies or being carried away on stretchers, Teresa saw her next door neighbour, Mrs. Rose, being helped by two men. The frail old woman's face was streaked with tears, and the trembling hand that was on her face had blood dripping between her fingers. "Mrs. Rose!" Teresa exclaimed, rushing down to help her, "what's wrong?", Mrs. Rose let her hand drop for Teresa to see the wound. Teresa recoiled, falling backwards and gasping in shock, Mrs. Rose's skin on the right side of her face had been torn leaving part of her bone exposed. The two men hurried her along towards the doctors, and Teresa suddenly turned and threw up. Dylan was on her in a second. "Teresa are you okay?" Dylan asked, "I'm fine" Teresa replied pushing him off. "Come on you two, we're going to the courtyard" Steve ordered. Most of the town was crowded in the courtyard, where the police were trying to keep all the survivors calm. People took shelter in supermarkets and any buildings safe enough to enter for the night.


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