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Thank you guys so, so much for participating. It means the world to me <3

I'm going to be busy with reviews/likes for a couple of days now (and I still have to finished reviewing assignments) so I might not get to as much publishing.

I know I said I'd publish this on November 29, but I completed the judging and winner piece faster than I thought I would.


November 26, 2018


In October I started my #paperbirdcontest, which was the first independent user-hosted contest I'd done.  I received thirty-three likes and twenty-eight entries.  The deadline was four days ago, November 25, and as promised I am delivering the results.  I included the first, second, and third place, as well as two honorable mentions. 

Without further ado:

1st Place
The Internal Monologue of a Seamstress by kaydenblue
kaydenblue took the prompt as the foundation of the piece and completely transformed the story around it.  "The Internal Monologue of a Seamstress" is philosophical, political, and clever.  The language is careful and well-chosen.  kaydenblue also made sure to include a few blunter lines that clearly stated the purpose of the piece.  When kaydenblue contacted me about writing it, with warnings that the piece involved violence and rape, I warned them against publishing it.  When I read the piece, however, I realized how wrong I was.  The writing feels almost as though it is taken from an ancient poet.  The ideas, the outlooks on society, and the perspective are all contributing factors to the greatness of this piece.  "The Internal Monologue of a Seamstress" is a masterpiece and a true pleasure to read.
Favorite line: "Of course, it is only perilous to be a writer by trade. At heart, we are all writers, we write ourselves into being."
kaydenblue will receive a follow, three detailed reviews, and twenty likes.  kaydenblue, if you have any pieces you particularly want to be reviewed, please notify me in the comments.

2nd Place
Young Again by m.n.b
I stated specifically in the contest piece that I did not like love stories unless they were incredibly well-written.  m.n.b did their very best to both obey and disobey what I said--writing a love story that was so unique and so beautifully told.  Even the simplest of phrases brought new interesting language.  One thing that really astounded me about this piece was the use of dialogue.  As a writer I have constantly found difficulty in making dialogue flow naturally as it would in real writing.  m.n.b made the dialogue look effortless as they unfolded clever and emotional speech amidst the descriptions.  The prompt was also incorporated in a way I hadn't seen before.  Almost every other entry used needles to describe physical or emotion pain, or they used it in a literal sense.  "Young Again," however, did something completely unique--using it in dialogue to describe a person.  Truly a wonderful piece.
Favorite line: "We began, leaves crunching and crumbling under our feet. At some point, our hands brushed together, and I felt heat creep into my cheeks. When I snuck a glance at her face, I saw she was smiling to herself."
m.n.b with receive a follow, two detailed reviews, and ten likes.  m.n.b, if you have any pieces you particularly want to be reviewed, please notify me in the comments.

3rd Place
a song, like a wave in a conch shell. by Oscar_Locke
This one was really unique.  I took an instant liking to it as a lover of Greek Mythology.  Oscar_Locke's use of italics amidst the narrative added a sense of importance to the elegant prose.  What I most loved about this was that the writing was astoundingly beautiful, in itself a work of art.  The incorporation of the prompt with the line "A black needle slips free of his stone heart" was clever as well as intriguing.
Favorite line: "So, bleeding and pleading for death, our man wanders to the end of the Wastes. 
Echoes shaking his bones, he begs for his love to return to the world of the living. 
Pluto glares from his ivory throne. 
Death himself is moved."

Oscar_Locke will receive a follow, one detailed review, and five likes.  Oscar_Locke, if you have a piece you particularly want to be reviewed, please notify me in the comments.


Honorable Mentions
While judging, I was in a constant battle over the three pieces that placed and these two other pieces.  It took me a long time to sort out which would receive prizes and which wouldn't.  I wanted to mention these two pieces because they were so close to making it into the top three, and also because, as stated below, they are weirdly similar.

sharp as a by artificialaorta
"sharp as a" was wonderfully written and interestingly portrayed.  artificialaorta's decision to use Sleeping Beauty for the prompt made this piece stand out.

Aurora by Johanna
"Aurora"'s beautiful prose intrigued me.  I love what she did with the language, and the tone in which she wrote it.

As you would know if you read those two pieces, they both, oddly enough, follow the story of Sleeping Beauty.  I cannot judge one over the other, as they are both beautifully told interpretations of the story, and I thought that as a set they were both neat enough to go as Honorable Mentions.  These two won't receive prizes but I urge you to check them out.


As I said, I received twenty-eight pieces and I loved each and every one.  It pained me to leave twenty-three excellent works to go unmentioned, so I decided to list the others as well as a few favorite lines.

Unfathomable by Mangolover
Untitled by Lee Fudge
The End of Us by Majestically Awkward Manatee
The Feelings Aren't Mutual by AminahMcBina
it's all a dream by sweetyouth
Needle Forest by Blotted Ink with a Broken Quill
Untitled by stripedfly1001
Piece #1 of 'BROKEN' by Ryder
Slide Right On... by zixdude
Elfknight Chapter 4 by Quille
Too Late by AbigailSauble
Should Have by Christy Wisdom
Thief by korra4life
Tyranicide by Silver Pen
sharp by Anha
Needle in a Haystack by Ashleigh2403
On Pins and Needles by Aarushikrishnan
The Candle by Joiei
Regret.Hate.Doubt by Live.Breathe.Feel.Love
How I Started a Rebellion by The Dreamer

As you can see, it was very hard to identify favorites with so many, especially when I loved practically all of them.  Please check these out!  They are all amazing, and hopefully I did the links right.

A few favorite lines from these entries:

"Home. Home. Home. Home. The word of comfort tumbled about in her brain as she urged the vehicle faster."
-Too Late, AbigailSauble

"like a carpet of pine needles when i lie in bed, 
the locks prick my neck and leave my back red and raw."

-sharp, Anha

"Everybody has their 'if only's and 'I should have's. Today, forever, this will be mine."
-Should Have, Christy Wisdom

"I'm not using red because it symbolizes love. Red is the same color as the blood that her heart wept when he left. The red that still falls from it, and probably always will."
-Untitled, stripedfly1001


Thank you guys so much for entering my contest!  The results were incredible.  When I first started, I wasn't sure if I would get very many entries, but like twenty republishes later, here we are.  You can find the original contest piece here, and the announcement for the next contest I hope to host here.


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    Great job to the winners! The winning entries were very well written, and paperbird thanks for hosting this contest it was fun to write for :)

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    Contest winners are up!

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    Thank you so VERY much! I'm honored to have placed. Congratulations to all winners and honorable mentions - all the entry pieces I've read thus far have been wonderful. Paperbird, I don't have any particular pieces I'd like reviewed other than the piece I submitted for entry, so I'll leave the choice of the other two to you. Thank you for hosting this competition :)

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    Congratulations to all winners and honorable mentions! Good game, everyone, and thank you Paperbird! I like your new profile picture, and I enjoyed writing to your prompt.

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    Congrats kaydenblue, m.n.b, and Oscar_Locke! Congrats to the honourable mentioned too! This contest was lots of fun, thanks so much Paperbird!!


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