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Skipping Stones

By: annie_cheng

PROMPT: Why I Write

I write because I am frightened of how my thoughts sink into the unknowable depths like skipping stones. I write because it unsettles me how recklessly they fling themselves into time and space, skimming cavalierly across the ocean of my mind, as I, always the skeptic and the pessimist, wait impatiently on the shore. I write with the fractious skipping stones grasped in my shaky butter fingers, threatening to break loose at any moment, as I desperately carve my mark onto something more enduring than water. But paper, too, can be burned and forgotten. Even so, I write as a futile attempt at permanence.  

Message to Readers

I guess I write because I'm scared of losing my thoughts. I hate thinking about all of the brilliant ideas that have been lost because someone didn't try (albeit futilely) to hold onto them. Am I a thought hoarder? Maybe...

Peer Review

"I write as a futile attempt at permanence."
That hit really deep. It made me feel suddenly aware of how temporary my existence is and how people like you and me will do anything to "leave a mark" behind.

The whole idea of leaving some of my written work behind. I, just a human being may be mortal but maybe something I've created (my writing) can live forever. I love that so much. Also the things about being a 'thought hoarder', I am the most forgetful person on the planet and I can really relate!

Reviewer Comments

I am in love with your choice of words! I really need to expand my vocabulary now haha. I really enjoyed reading this profound piece, great job!