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hey hey hey hey i need advice

November 24, 2018


advice for getting over a crush please :(


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  • November 24, 2018 - 6:49pm (Now Viewing)

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  • loveletterstosappho


    10 months ago
  • she's-got-a-story

    update: just ignore everything to do with them. pretend they don't exist, and then eventually you'll realize you never needed them to begin with. eventually you'll forget about them entirely.

    11 months ago
  • she's-got-a-story

    girl i would help but i am currently heartsick myself and absolutely the wrong person to ask

    12 months ago
  • Araw

    Ah yes, something I know too well unfortunately. Go out and do things you enjoy. Distraction helps a little. I wouldn't suggest reflecting on or writing about all the flaws of your crush because that seems just a little bit petty. However, if you must reflect or write, focus on what you are feeling rather than the person because thinking more about the person just makes it worse. Overall, it does take time and while you can't exactly shorten that, you can make it more tolerable.

    12 months ago
  • artificialaorta

    know that heartache fades. take a day off and do something that will not make you think at all (stream the entire spongebob move, watch the five sharknado movies - they're hilarious. eat sugar in unmeasurable amounts)

    12 months ago
  • ViSchultz07

    Buy yourself some chocolate and dim the lights chow down and write about all the bad things about them (your crush)

    12 months ago
  • Avin

    eat ice cream and cry because you cant :)

    terrible advise but hey thats all i got

    12 months ago