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dear future me

By: daniellemarie


Dear future me,

Did we make it
Where are we now
How did we get here
How many scars did it take

Is there anything left of that little girl
The one with the twinkle in her eyes and the sparkle in her heart
The one I forgot existed
Or did you have to abandon her somewhere along the way

She might have been little
But she was strong and brave
Determined and resilient
I wish I would have told her that

Maybe she would have believed
That she was everything I never was

This piece, just like so many others, is dedicated to one of the most important women in my life. She told me the other day to trust my future self and I began to wonder if Future Danielle will remember me at all.

Peer Review

How many scars did it take? 😍

I feel you should assume the place of "that girl" Ask questions like... "Did you have to abandon me somewhere along the way?"

Reviewer Comments

*that little girl...
I would have thought it should be "this little girl", being she's the one writing?
Then again, I've read it like a thousand times. It seems quite ambiguous.
I mean... You're writing to your future self afterall. If you could tell your future self you wish you told you you're amazing, errr...
Or maybe I'm just confused!