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The Unlucky Year

February 8, 2015

It began two years ago, when two young teenagers, Ryan and Emery, met on a trip abroad. There was no connection at first, but as time grew on, the two became closer than ever. Everything started to fall into place. They spent each day in the summer together: swimming, going on dates, and spending time with friends. The summer ended and then came fall. Although Ryan and Emery lived a half hour away from each other, their closeness grew from the time apart. School and extracurricular activities began again but the young couple remained strong. They spent time with eachother on the weekends and enjoyed each other's company. But with every young couple, competition and jealousy arose from the shadows. The winter flew by as well as the spring. It was summer yet again. However, there was something different about this year. Suddenly Ryan became distant from Emery after they celebrated their first year as a couple together. In the beginning of August, the relationship took a turn for the worst. Ryan told Emery that he felt the relationship was based off of false love. Of course this was a complete shock to her. She explained to him that he was the only one she loved with everything inside of her. Ryan was Emery's happiness and the love of her life. She believed that in a couple years he would be the man that she would marry. Emery thought she would marry her high school sweetheart. That day was a dark day for the young couple, but Ryan fixed his mistake and all was well. Up until October of their senior years, the two had perfected their routine. On Fridays, they would attend their respective football games for marching band and spend their weekend together. Once October rolled around, Ryan became distant again. He was the type of person that lived in the past and would forgive but not forget. Emery tried with all of her heart to convince Ryan that everything in the past was meant to be in the past. However, Ryan was not convinced. Another dark day occurred for the couple. They broke up for a mere hour and a half until they made up again. Although Emery loved Ryan, she became exhausted. Ryan would make irrational decisions instead of talking to Emery in a civil manner. He would hurt Emery and break her heart but she still loved him. The waters were calm again until Ryan decided he did not feel "right" in his relationship with Emery. Emery hysterically spent hours on the phone crying to Ryan, trying to convince him that she loved him and all was well. However that was not the only time. Over the next three months Ryan would hurt and break Emery's heart. Eventually, the "power" couple became not so powerful anymore. In February, the relationship came to an end. Ryan decided that he didn't love Emery anymore. He also didn't explain why to her. Emery spent her weekend crying and trying to forget the relationship, but she couldn't. Ryan meant so much to her and losing him like that was a horrible shock. Everything was so perfect and ended in disaster. It was an unlucky year. 


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