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November 23, 2018

PROMPT: Library Magic

The library is my favorite place to be. This might sound like a simple, probably exaggerated statement, but believe me when I say no way. 

As the biggest bookworm in my family, I will check out and read books by the dozen. One time I read 20 books in two weeks, and about 12 of those were read at the public library. 

Even my my first job was at the library. Every day I would get driven to the library by one of my parents and stay for four glorious hours, surrounded by books. I would survey the covers and blurbs, smiling when I came across ones I knew, and then carefully shelve them in the correct places. Some of the librarians still know me by name. 

It was a dream come true.  

Now, I go weekly and check out a self-given maximum of ten books while reading excerpts of several others while still there. I tell my brothers about books, and we read together. 

Now I’ll say it again: believe me when I tell you the library is my favorite place to be. Don’t think so? 

Believe it, sista. 


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  • Cololo231

    This piece is so good! :)

    over 1 year ago