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Reading is what I do most of the time.
Authors are whom i understand .
I find my passion in doing calligraphy, swimming, cycling and living free.

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Explore,read, learn, create, indulge yourselves in the art of creativity.Be free, feel every bit of your life and turn it into poetry, prose or an essay .Writing will carve a new person out of you.

The way I loved you!

November 23, 2018


hear someone laughing  the jaws out;
I turn back and look at him and I see his 'merely opened eyes'. He is the sunshine but
was standing amongst the dim lights
And I could feel the warmth of that sun deep in my soul.His soul smelled like fresh adventure and pure love. His hair like honey wished to drop itself over it. His voice like he had zillions of things to tell. His smirk was enough to make the bitches fall down on their knees. He made me feel that I had fallen into love, not the liking sort of love but the selfless sort of love where you get ready to surrender your own life to see your love smiling.


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