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Fourth Wall Love Story: Continued

By: pencils.and.paper.roses


See the footnotes before reading this piece. :)

Boy, I’m bored today. My writer is at a boring part in my tale, and there’s nothing for me to do! I’m not even the main character; I’m just a sibling. 

What did you do all day? Something interesting, probably. You probably got to celebrate the holidays with your family yesterday, and now you need a break from the excitement. 

What, you’re surprised that I know about the holidays? I’m words on a page, not a brainless idiot.


This piece is a continuation of the two pieces below. Please read them first to understand this one! :D

Message to Readers

Enjoy! :D

Peer Review

Again, it amazes me how much feeling and emotion can be transferred from only a few words.

What holiday are you refering to?

Reviewer Comments

Thisis probably the best short series I've read so far. It's creative, short, sweet and powerful. Well done and keep at it!