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Message to Readers

This piece talks about Escapism and daydreaming. It's a quick piece I wrote a while ago and discovered in the depths of my computer! Please leave me a comment for feedback on how to improve :)

Travelling Without a Ticket

November 23, 2018


I was asleep but aware,
Lulled in that state of ‘in-between’
Meandering down a road painted by my mind’s hand,
Where algebra blossomed into flowers of my imagination
And where the teacher’s lecture translated into the lyrics of the wind.

I was dreaming but calculating,
Dancing through cobblestone arches whilst noting equations in my book,
Music echoed through candle-lit streets, skirts fluttering as they twirled and tangoed;
Colours flourished in my vermillion, amber world,
But the ink of my pen laid concrete pathways of black and blue.

I was imagining but analyzing,
Swimming through the sea of words on my page,
Bubbles bounced amidst the blue, pods of dolphins frolicking as they played and preyed,
Happiness travelled in groups in my world;
But the crisscrossed lines of my charts laid a net above the shoals.

I was travelling without a ticket,
An illegal immigrant to a land without boundaries,
Where the skies weren’t patterned with radio waves and country spaces,
Where the lands weren’t divided by flags fluttering on their masts,
I was an insurgent nomad on the run,
To a world that I made up.


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  • Sunshine192

    Love your writing

    over 2 years ago
  • ALangford

    this is lovely, you have such a beautiful style & just wow

    over 2 years ago
  • Nonny21

    I LOVE this!!!!! This is so beautiful, I was hooked till the very last word and I was smiling like an idiot long after I finished reading

    over 2 years ago