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By: Araw


I used to find the feeling of my hand in yours comforting
There was something that reminded me of home
In the way your fingers played with mine
Absentmindedly assuring yourself that I was still with you
But now you feel like cold biting air
And you’re nothing like the familiar warmth of what I know
You feel like a corpse come to stand by me
Not letting the fact that you’re dead and gone stop you
And your quiet singing voice
That only escaped your lips
When you were concentrating on something hard
No longer sounds like a meek nightingale trying to finding its song
It is replaced by the sound of howling wind
Forcing its way through a train station platform
On which only I stand
Remembering when the spot next to me was not empty
Your hot breath that once tickled my ear whenever you whispered to me
Used to make my heart race faster than I thought it ever could
And it still does
But now it also sends shivers along my spine
It is chilling
And calling for help
From beyond the grave in which you rest
With a rasp that rattles bones
Every time I feel you with me
All colour drains from my face
Because I know you aren’t meant to be here
You haven’t been here in a long time
Please stop reminding me
That from under your tombstone, you still reach out 
Please stop reminding me
That you are a home I can never return to

Message to Readers

Woot new poem

Peer Review

Wow...I'm speechless, the entire poem moved me!

Is the person talking a male/female? Is the dead person male/female? I'm only assuming the narrator is female, and the dead person is male.

Reviewer Comments

I really enjoyed reading this. You have such great talent, and WOW! This poem was just so raw, heart-felt, and filled with emotion!
Never stop writing and always write free! :)