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Thoughts of a piglet

November 22, 2018


"Hey brother, wake up!" Something is wrong with Ben. Normally he doesn´t lie on the silver metallic floor like that. He also should be awake by now, he never sleeps that late. "Hey Ruby, do you know why Ben is still sleeping?" If one of my siblings knows what´s wrong with my best friend and brother in one pig, then it´s Ruby. She is the most intelligent one of the whole litter. "No, is he moving?", she asked. But I didn´t see Ben moving at all. He must be sleeping really deep. "No, he isn´t" "Then he is probably dead", I don´t know what that means but it has to be horrible because Ruby seems really desperate. "You don´t know what that means do you?" How does Ruby always know what I´m thinking? "No, can you explain it?" "Well it means that you are not sleeping anymore. It´s a bit like sleeping but you never wake up again. You can´t play or even talk with your friends anymore if you are dead." That sounds horrible! I go to Ben and touch his body with my nose. It´s terrifying me! His whole body is really cold and also hard. 
Suddenly I understand. I don´t know how but now I know exactly what dead means. But that is dreadful. I just want him to wake up and to say how much I love him, my favourite brother, one last time. Why did this have to happen to him? It could have been anyone, even me, but please not Ben. I begin to squeak out loud and my head feels really weird. It´s like someone starts putting smoke in my head and everything around me is getting blurry. All I can still see is only a big blurry bit of this metallic silver, our little home is coloured in and a lot of blurry pig-coloured things squeezed in the small space around me. Everything starts spinning and circling around and then it´s gone. 
Everything is black.


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  • hanni03.01

    @Quille thanks! I will read the next Elfboy as soon as I have time

    12 months ago
  • Quille

    This is really cool! I love the way you characterized the animals by their thoughts and conversation :DD A very unique story here. Awesome to read! :)
    BTW, there's more of Elfboy up!

    12 months ago