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The Villian Story Contest

December 9, 2018



Well, in Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, there are Protagonists and Antagonists. I wanna hear the Antagonist’s story. For example, you can tell Voldemort’s story and justify why he did what he did. Please make it funny, exciting, and make it so that I want to read more. This villain can be from any story.

Word Min: 250 Words

Due Date: December 30th

First Place:
A follow (If I'm not already following you.)
10 Detailed reviews on the pieces in which you choose.
A reminder to people in my message to writers, to follow you.
You, if you would like to judge my next contest and you can also come up with the next prompt.

Second Place
A follow (If I'm not already following you.)
5 Detailed Reviews of whatever pieces you choose.
A reminder every once in a while for people to follow you.
You will be able to help judge the next contest.

3rd Place
A follow (If I'm not already following you.)
1 detailed review of whatever pieces you choose
One reminder for people to follow you in one of my pieces.
You will have a small vote on the winner of the next contest.

Pls comment down below if you would like to participate and please also give me the link to your piece. 


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  • pencils.and.paper.roses

    Ooooh sounds cool! I'll try to enter for sure. Now to figure out which villain...Thanos is great but RNE clearly already chose him XD.

    9 months ago
  • RNE


    10 months ago