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all i wish for is snow

By: Onion3102


Sipping sweet lukewarm cocoa,
the three mini marshmallows drown in the sweet milk.
Knitted sweaters too big for me,
the marmalade coloured wool form holes big enough for my thumb.
Colourful light bulbs dangle from the eaves,
staring at that one red bulb flickering occasionally. 
A raspy voice humming lullabies,
sweetly out of tune.
All I wish for is snow. 


Message to Readers

Forecasting temperatures of around 48 degrees Celcius (118.4 Fahrenheit) for Christmas down under. yike

Peer Review

I love how much so many of this can get this is. I SO get this.

There is nothing I would add to this piece and nothing I would change. This is beautiful just how it is.

Reviewer Comments

Great job! This is beautiful! Sorry this is kinda short, I wanted to do more than a comment because I love this so much!