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To Walk in the Snow

November 21, 2018


I will walk to my own beat.

While I may be tempted to walk in the cadence of those around me,
I will keep to my pace,
Because it is mine.

You cannot dictate where I go,
The direction I walk,
The path I take,
Because I may choose the road not taken,
I may choose the less trodden path,
I may walk in others footsteps then
Fall out of step and
The road is mine to make.

Cadence booms through the trees
Relentless and unbowing
But I
I will keep to my own pace because
My stride will be my own.
My path will be mine to take,
And my steps are for me alone.
This was inspired by “The Dead Poet’s Society,” a amazing, heart-wrenching movie that I recommend to all writers and non-writers alike.


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    Good job on this! :D

    almost 2 years ago