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Message to Readers

This piece was written from a combination of the prompts "Perseverance" and "Not Me". It was super fun to write! Thanks for the prompts Corner Writing Club! :D

Persevere #bothprompts

November 21, 2018


At this tender age of 4 years old
I don't know much about the world.
Yesterday my mom said "persevere"
and I was confused, truth be told.

"Mommy, what does that mean?"
I asked in my small voice.
She leaned down with a smile
and said "Are you sure? It's your choice."

I nodded brightly and she began to tell the tale
a tale of sad 
and happiness,
one remembrance won't soon fail.

A man who tries his best,
and though he barely succeeded,
he continued on and worked so hard
until finally he finished, he did.

A little bird
who's yet to fly
and continues on
until she's finally learned

A girl like me
that loves to dance, but never can
so she tries and tries, and tries and tries
until eventually she can move as gently as the sea

"Do you think you understand now?"
my mother asks gently.
I nod my head and close my eyes
and into sleep I bow.

Yesterday Mommy said "persevere"
and I didn't understand
but now it all seems crystal clear
and I've learned from the story whispered in my ear.


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