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I like sunsets and reading and writing.
I make nice lists and attempt poetry.
I write what comes to mind.

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I found this in my computer. I'm not 100% sure I wrote it, but I think I did. Thoughts?

Is It Only Me?

November 21, 2018


I sit here in a coffee shop in the rain, reading a book. A true classic. The final chapter, over. Which book to read next? I look around at what the other caffeine buzzed ones are reading, but their eyes are not zig-zagging down pages. Their eyes are glazed over, lifeless. They sit, slouched, mindlessly scrolling, heartlessly 'liking,' and carelessly commenting.
At table 3, sits a girl arguing with a teen at table 6. If only they realized that behind the usernames, they were talking to real people.
They're hearts break when the internet connection goes offline. They sit in bed, waiting for it too connect again. If only they would venture out of their screened in world.
If only they'd keep up with their friends, instead of a family they've never met.
Why does this generation care more about strangers in masks, than getting to know themselves.
There's problems bigger than unconnected Wi-Fi. There's starvation, sickness, war, and death. Can they not see? If something isn't on a digital screen, it doesn't cross their mind.
They use social media as a why to make others jealous, to show off, and to get attention. They should be raising awareness, and encouraging others.
I fear for the next generation what is coming next.


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