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Young Goddess of Rejection

November 21, 2018


       Valentina sat quietly outside the courtroom, where her parents and sister were conversing with the other 'divine beings.' She was leaning against a column, twiddling with the stitched hem of her snow white chiron and listening to the peaceful tweets of the birds that nestled in the fir trees, when she caught the gaze of Leto, the titan goddess of motherhood. Leto smiled at Valentina, revealing her two rows of perfect white teeth. The titan goddess approached Valentina with nothing short of an amble walk. Valentina shrugged off the column forcing her hands down by her sides trying to look presentable and not have to fidget with her clothing. She cleared her throat and spoke with a very quiet voice, "Leto, how are you?"  
        As a response, Leto clocked her head to the side, no longer looking at Valentina, which in result had fair strands of amber colored hair fall down onto her shoulder. Once the titan goddess turned her focus back to the young girl, her ocean blue eyes clouded over and her face showed one of great puzzlement. Valentina tried to continue their conversation, but the courtroom doors opened and the gods and goddesses flooded out. When Valentina looked back, Leto was gone. 
        Deitie's shouts blocked out the calming tweets of the birds. Different colored chitons distorted Valentina's gaze of the stone path and of the river that laid not to far from the courtroom. Amongst the loud infuriating voices, the young goddess could make out very few individual words: war... man.... theives...  power. Valentina scampered into the crowd trying to find her sister Antonia. She tried her best to fight through the crowd without falling or getting knocked over. A few struggle filled moments, Valentina emerged from the crowd only to find herself on the other side of the stone path. To her relief she found Antonia seated on a rock holding a withered rose in between her palms. Valentina shuffled over to her sister and placed a hand on Antonia's shaking shoulder. Antonia places the wilted flower onto the fresh grass, a grin touched her lips when the grass dried up and turned brown. Valentina pulled her knees up to her chest, making sure not to touch the withered rose. "Sister?" Valentina redirected her gaze to her sister's. "Why do the others look at me like I dont belong?"
       "Because you don't." Antonia replied, her lips still stained with a grin. "My little sister should be a goddess of something by now, am I wrong? I found out that I was the goddess of deforestation when I was, what? Your age? We all have been blessed by Zeus himself to be worshiped by man, all of us... but you." Antonia stood up from the rock and strode over to a Fir yeee, the grass crisping and dying out underneath her bare feet. Antonia looked at her sibling noticing how she shivered everytime they were around each other. Antonia continued to look at her sister, enjoying the waves of fear that plused through the small child's veins. She turned back to the tree watching as a spirit of a man started to burn it down, killing the animals that inhabited that tree. 
      Valentina breathed in the smoke, not wanting to look weak in the eyes of her idol. "Antonia, please help me find out who or what I am to be the goddess of." The young goddess slowly arose from the rock and approached her sister. She didn't mind the harsh lick of flames as they touched her skin. She didn't turn away when burning ambers fell into her eyes, after all it would heal. A bellowing laugh shattered Valentina's thoughts.
I am going to make this a myth with parts. In you couldn't tell this piece is a myth that I made as an end of the year writing assignment last year. It was four pages, but still not finished. 


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