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I am a person who uses writing to express the emotions and thoughts she can't say out loud.

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"In three words I can sum up everything I learned about life: It Goes On"


November 21, 2018


1. Do you have a favorite line from a movie/tv show/book? Why?    
        “Love is scary: it changes; it can go away. That's the part of the risk. I don't want to be scared anymore.”  This is from the book To All The Boys I Loved Before. I like this quote because it is true in any type of relationship. Letting someone in your life is a battle that must be fought, but you shouldn't let the fear make you push the people who care about you away (friends, relationship, family).
2. Describe your ideal outfit.
   Any of my  jeans(jeans are all I wear seeing my legs scare me), a sweater that is big, soft, and warm, or a flannel, with any of my vans that match. This is like my perfect outfit I love it, so much and I always feel happier when I'm wearing something like this. I don't know why, but when I wear something other than jeans or anything I always feel uncomfortable and annoyed. To me jeans, sweater, and vans are my go to comfortable outfit.
3. If you could dye your hair any color, what would it be? Or would you choose not to dye it?
   I would dye my hair a dark purple because that is my favorite color. I've saw someone I know with their hair dyed this color recently and I loved it. Hopefully my mom would let me do sometime in the near future. 
4. What's one fandom you can theorize over for hours? (So if someone asked you "What's (insert fandom here)?" you'd go all out and explain every single detail until the person in question is well versed in it.)
Um..... To All The Boys I Loved Before. The books and movie because I am a typical teenager. Plus really it is anything that really piques my interest. So, I guess my answer is every single show I am watching right now on Netflix and every single book that I have on my bookshelf or want to get.
5. Do you believe in horoscopes or not? Why?
   I don't believe in horoscopes and I would type out my answer, but it is way too long. Plus it is kind of personal, so maybe another time who knows.
6. What's a food you love that other people don't?
   I love oysters a lot. I am originally from New Orleans, so my family is really big into seafood. My friends on the other hand except for like two people hate any type of seafood, so when ever I bring it to lunch I am always getting these weird looks from people. It gets really annoying really fast.
7. If you were a genre of movie, which one would you be?
   Comedy or Drama because my life is hilarious and drama filled. Although I would one day like to cut all the drama out of my life and just focus on me.
8. Who would play in the movie of your life?
   Amandla Sternberg because she is super amazing and from seeing her act in movies I think she could really do a good job. Also, she just seems like a sweet person and  I wouldn't want someone who appears to be nice and ends up being the opposite. I want someone who isn't going to bring the movie down.
9. Playlist your top ten songs that you can't get enough of lately?
Okay this is not in any specific order because I hate doing that with my favorite things.
  1. R U Crazy- Conor Maynard (hoped I spelled his name right...)
  2. When the Party is Over- Billie Eilish (The music video for this is just like the best thing ever. OMG I love her music, I can't get enough of it)
  3. Hotel Room- Blake Rose (There are no words for how good this song is. Like none whatsoever and I have tried to find them)
  4. I'm A Mess- Bebe Rexha (This song describes my life.
  5. Thank U Next- Ariana Grande (Love It!!!!!!)
  6. Stomach Tied In Knots- Sleeping With Sirens (This is just such a good song)
  7. Last of The Real Ones- Fall Out Boy (This is like my go to dance alone in my room song)
  8. Copycat- Billie Eilish (I mean once again amazing song)
  9. Fake Love- BTS (!!!!!!!!!!!)
  10. Any song by Matt Maeson because just choosing one might actually kill me.
10. What's the story behind your username?
       It is a nickname that for some reason seems to follow me. I wanted to add my own spin to it, make it something that  I like. There isn't some big reason, but I guess it is important to me helps me get my name out there without actually having to put my name out there. 
11. If you could be freakishly good at something random, what would that be?
   Dancing. I am a horrible dancer and the only time I can ever be considered good is when I am playing Just Dance. It is sad how bad I am especially when everyone else in my family is, so good at dancing. It sucks like a lot( she says jokingly)
12. What is (or what do you think is) your Patronus?
   I have no idea what this is. Sorry (she says meaning it)
13. (For novel writer:) If someone were to make your novel into a movie, who would play your protagonist?
   I just recently started my first novel (The Beginning of The End I only have one chapter out). So, one day when I am deeper into the story I will get back to this question. 
14. (For poetry writers:) Where in your opinion, would be the place where you get most of your inspiration from?  Why?
   Not a poetry writer, but love to read it.
15. (For short story writers:) How do you know where to end your story?
       I get this feeling that tells me its the end. Or I know already how I want it to end. It really depends on the story and how it gets played out as I am writing it.
16. Favorite Band?
   It's between Fall Out Boy and Panic! at the Disco. It is such a hard choice to make and I have been trying for years to choose between the two.
17. Movie you last watched (and what you thought of it)? 
      Guardians o the Galaxy vol. 2. I thought it was good and really funny. It was something that I can see myself watching again and again and it never getting old. That usually never happens with me when it comes to movies unless I really like it,
18. A kids' film you ironically or unironically like? Why?
   Freaky Friday the new version of it. I have no idea why I have a love/hate relationship with that movie to be honest.
19. A kids' film you dislike/think is stupid?
   Bolt. Like I really dislike this movie.
20. If you had a different name, what would it be?
   Akeena. My name is a unisex name, but most people refer to it as a boy's name So, I can never find my name as a girly personalized key chain and I've learned to like that my name is different for a girl. So, I would like to have a name that will produce the same results as the name I have now.
21. What's your favorite ice-cream flavour? (because "chocolate and vanilla" is wayyyy too specific)
   Strawberry when I am going to Bruster's and coffee French vanilla when I go to Publix.
22. A tv show you used to love ( and stull might?)
       Kim Possible and I will never stop loving that show even when I am old and frail.
23. A tv show you wish they stop airing?
      I don't have a show that I just wish would stop coming on. I have never hated a show that much.
24. Favorite letter in the alphabet (other than your initial)? Why?
       "W". Because, it is the only letter you can sound out/ "spell" without having to use the letter itself. (dub-a-u), I found that out when  I was like six and it just became a thing I thought was cool.
25. Air, water, earth or fire?
   Water, because it travels the world.
26. Rain or shine?
   Shine I love the sun.
27. Favorite season?
      Winter it always snows during the winter where I live. It is the perfect day to stay at home read a book, drink hot chocolate, and wear my fuzzy pjs. It is the day where I don't have to be stressed and could do something I like. 
28. If you could buy and designer store, which one would it be and why? 
       I don't know if this counts, but Nordstrom Rack. I love every single article of clothing I have gotten from them.
29. Favorite Marvel character? (hero, villain, or anti-hero)
       Black Panther, hands down. 
30. (For  Marvel fans:) If you could possess an infinity stone, which one would it be?
       Sad to say, I have no idea what this is.
31. (For Harry Potter fans:) If you could possess a Hallow which one would it be?
       Not a Harry Potter fan.
32. (For PJHOO fans:) If you were a demigod, who would your godly parent be?
       Have no idea what PJHOO stands for and so I guess I am not a fan. Sorry.
33. (For Hunger Games fans:) If you were chosen to compete in the games, which District would you represent and why?
       I guess District 3 because I took a quiz once and I got that as my answer. I have never given it much thought. 
34. If you could have any power what would it be?
       To be invisible. That would help me sneak in and out of places without being noticed.
35. What's your Hogwarts house? Do you think it's accurate/do you think it suits you?
       I have no idea what my house is. Didn't read the books.
36. And finally, did you like the Q&A?
   Yes, I love doing Q&A's because it is fun to do and a great way to get to know people. This Q&A was really fun and I hope I get to do another one.


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    Another Fall Out Boy and Panic! fan here! :D Also, PJHOO stands for Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus, and Black Panther is my fav too.

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