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One Moment of Courage

By: The Dreamer


I am so confused.
No I 'm not.
I know exactly what I need to do.
But fear won't let me.
Fear tells me it's okay
it can wait another day.
Fear holds me back.

And oh, how simple it would be,
to give in?
To forget whatever I meant to do
and let it pass by.
But I can't.
For I know the guilt will haunt me.
Like a dark cloud holding me down, 
extinguishing every ray of light.
It would follow me for the rest of my days.

After all it will only take one moment,
a split second of blind courage.
Then the rest from there would flow,
like a river to the sea.
And I will soon be embraced by the oceans of releif.

It's now or never.
Deep breath in, deep breath out.
Here I go......

Message to Readers

Please tell me what you think! I wrote this in one of those blind moments when suddenly ideas just come to you.

Peer Review

This piece so perfectly describes how you feel when you do something you've been avoiding, and what leads up to doing it. The imagery and language is beautiful and so perfect for this piece.

I don't think there's much to do, except the items I highlighted. :)

Reviewer Comments

Great job overall!! Such a great piece.