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Message to Readers

See the footnotes for my inspiration for this piece! :D thanks for reading, and enjoy!

Fourth Wall Love Story

November 21, 2018


So, I’m new here. Who are you? 
I guess I should probably tell you a little about myself first. But then, that isn’t  really possible, since I’m just words on a page. 

I will just be who I believe myself to be. 

Now you, you’re real. You are a living, breathing being who can actually do things. And you probably know a few others. You’re lucky. Ugh, it’s annoying to be so sure. 

You are annoying in your certainty. 
This piece was inspired by the prompt in the link below. I’ve wanted to write it forever, but never got around to it. :)


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  • pencils.and.paper.roses

    Oh yes! It’s going to be expanded. I just haven’t found d that part yet.

    over 1 year ago
  • rainandsonder

    This is such an interesting idea and I like what you’ve done with it here. The ending seems a little abrupt in my opinion— if you expanded upon it, I would totally keep reading!

    over 1 year ago