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My name is Anna Catherine. I'm a high school student in Australia. My interests include history, biology, writing, reading, playing guitar and dancing. My favourite genres of books are psychological thrillers, fantasy and science fiction.

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[ if you want to be a writer, you must do two things: read a lot and write a lot]

Writing is all about speaking from your soul and creating magic with your mind. To write, you must be able to connect with every aspect of yourself and every aspect of other people. You must be able to become someone else wholly.

Him & You

March 15, 2019


1. He was the lust i craved for; 
he woke the nerves in my skin with 
a single touch. I think it was because 
he was so dangerous to be around. 

2. You are not like him; 
you are comfort and soft kisses. 
you are both easy to be with, 
and easy to oppose. 

3. If i ever tormented him in the way
i torment you he would have grabbed 
my wrists and held me down until 
i submitted to him.

4. Sometimes i think that i 
wanted you to spite him because i 
was just too hurt and starved 
for someone to love me. 

5. Sometimes when I look into your 
eyes I see him. He looked at me the 
same way you do; with wildfire
in your eyes. 



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