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Just, Trying

December 5, 2018


Some days I feel empty. 
Truly, empty 
As if I took out my heart, gave it away,
and it's been thrown out. 
Others I feel full to the brim, overflowing.
Compassion for others,
personal duties,
and so much else fill my heart.
A constant state of action and go, go,go!
But at the end of it all
I boil down, back to the emptiness.
My life evaporated into thin air. 
Loss is a finicky thing.
It comes and goes as it pleases,
Mending the holes in your heart, then tearing new ones. 
You feel as if you just have to get whatever is in your chest out. Out. Out.
You sing,
You sob,
You write.
Nothing is beautiful.
Nothing it written nicely.
Not even this poem.
But you put it out anyways.
Just to get it out of your chest.
Because loss.
It takes over and everything hurts.
And sometimes you just have to do whatever it takes, to keep from being taken over. 
It is so simple, to drown in the ocean you cry for yourself.
But not only do you create the ocean, you control the currents.
You can keep you head above the water, so long as you try.
So here is me trying. 


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