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"You can’t control what happens to you in this life. Each individual is living out their own story, and you’re living out yours. But you can’t control it and manipulate it, filtering out aspects of your life - of yourself - that aren’t cemented in your idea of the plan. The plan, the map for what your life should be. Because the only thing you can do - the one thing you can do - is learn. Learn from your mistakes and watch the horizon. There’s always something amazing up ahead. But you can’t live in your future, and you can’t drown in your past. All you can do is live wholeheartedly - without fear or regret for what’s to come and what has been - and love every damn minute of it… because you only get this once."


November 21, 2018



While you guys wait for my surprise update, I thought I'd hop on the Q&A bandwagon again with a Q&A of my own. Lemme know if ya fill it out, okay?! (Because I'm a MAJOR film buff, most of the questions are movie/fandom/pop culture related.)

(And the name is a pun on my username, so... XD)

1. Do you have a favorite line from a movie/TV show/book? Why?

2. Describe your ideal outfit.

3. If you could dye your hair any color, what would it be? Or would you choose to not dye it?

4. What's one fandom you can theorize over for hours? (So if someone asked you "What's (insert fandom here)?", you'd go all out and explain every single detail until the person in question is well versed in it.)

5. Do you believe in horoscopes or not? Why?

6. What's a food you love that other people don't?

7. If you were a genre of movie, which one would you be?

8. Who would play you in the movie of your life?

9. Playlist your top ten songs that you can't get enough of lately.

10. What's the story behind your username?

11. If you could be freakishly good at something random, what would that be?

12. What is (or what do you think is) your Patronus?

13. (For novel writers:) If someone were to make your novel into a movie, who would you want to play your protagonist?

14. (For poetry writers:) Where in your opinion, would be the place where you get most of your inspiration from? Why?

15. (For short story writers:) How do you know where to end your story?

16. Favorite band?

17. Movie you last watched (and what you thought of it)?

18. A kids' film you ironically or unironically like? Why?

19. A kids' film you dislike/think is stupid?

20. If you had a different name, what would it be?

21. What's your favorite ice-cream flavour? (because "chocolate or vanilla" is wayyyyy too specific.)

22. A TV show you used to love (and still might?)

23. A TV show you wish they'd stop airing?

24. Favorite letter in the alphabet (other than your initial)? Why?

25. Air, water, earth or fire?

26. Rain or shine?

27. Favorite season?

28. If you could buy any designer store, which one would it be and why?

29. Favorite Marvel character? (hero, villain or anti-hero?)

30. (For Marvel fans:) If you could possess an Infinity Stone, which one would it be?

31. (For Harry Potter fans:) If you could possess a Hallow, which one would it be?

32. (For PJHOO fans:) If you were a demigod, who would your godly parent be?

33. (For Hunger Games fans:) If you were chosen to compete in the Games, which District would you represent and why?

34. If you could have any power, what would it be? 

35. What's your Hogwarts house? Do you think it is accurate/do you think it suits you?

36. And finally, did you like this Q&A? 

Thanks, yall.

Your favorite spice philosopher,



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  • Tziporah Dorfman

    I did one! Here's the link:
    Thank you! It was awesome!

    over 1 year ago
  • Ryder

    This is mine!

    over 1 year ago
  • Mangolover

    Doin this! sorry it's a little late :P

    over 1 year ago
  • lamonnaie

    Haha, Q&A's are the best!!
    I'll be doing this as soon as I can! :D

    over 1 year ago
  • rainandsonder

    I did it!

    over 1 year ago
  • Dummie

    This was so fun!

    over 1 year ago
  • AminahMcBina

    Haha! I saw your comment on my piece...that's so cool!!! Have you read the "Hex Hall" series?? Theyre really good! Do you have a fav author, who?

    over 1 year ago
  • AminahMcBina

    Filled it out!

    over 1 year ago