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I had fun making fun of saying the word 'swear' in conservative circles. My little brothers think it's a swear word.;)

Sunday School

November 20, 2018


  "In five days, God created the earth. He was proud of it. It was beautiful and was filled with many exotic plants and animals. He made stars and the atmosphere. As He looked out over the earth, and saw everything He had created, He knew something was missing. So He made a man. He made Adam in His own image, and then, when He saw that Adam was lonely, He made Adam a friend, Eve. Then a snake, a slimy, slippery..."
    " Snakes aren't slimy. Frogs are slimy, snakes are not," a high-pitched, know-it-all voice piped up from the back of the room, interrupting Miss French's story. Miss French sighed. 
    " Thank you, Virginia, for the clarification."
    Virginia, a little encyclopedia, nodded, her curly pigtails bounding by her ears. Her glasses nearly fell off. Miss French went on with her story. 
    " That a serpent, Satan, tempted Eve to eat something God had said not to, and she did. Then she gave it to Adam and he took a bite."
    " Did they throw up? I would've, all over everything," Brian, a chubby four year old who always claimed his seat right next to Miss French's feet for their Sunday school story, lisped softly. 
    " No, they didn't throw up, but they did have to leave the garden God had grown just for them, " Miss French told him, smiling at him. 
    " Can we have our snack now?" All it took was one voice, and then the whole room was in ruckus. Miss French rolled her eyes. 
    " I swear you come only for the snack," she said, standing up and wading through children, who immediately swarmed around her as she took down a cereal box from the shelf. One of them brought her little paper cups and she filled them with Cheerios. The cups were quickly distributed. Just as Miss French reached to put the box back up, she felt a tug on her sleeve. She lost her grip on the box and it burst open, spilling the contents all over the floor. The children shrieked with delight and began stuffing the fallen snack into their mouths. 
    Miss French surveyed the mess and shook her head. " At least Maggie vacuumed yesterday," she said, turning to the cause of the 'situation'. Virginia stood by her elbow, looking innocent. Uh-oh. She had something important to say. 
    " Mama says swearing is bad. You said 'swear'."
    Miss French was at a loss for words. Where did this child get her brains? She tried to explain.
    " To swear is not the same as saying 'swear', Virginia. There are...certain...words, that you shouldn't say, but to say 'I swear' is..." Virginia was a perfect picture of confusion. Besides, she was getting distracted with a new bracelet another little girl had been given. 
Oh well. At least she still had some coffee to console herself with. 
    " Uh, Miss French, I think I spilled something..."


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  • AbigailSauble

    I really love this! :D Especially the ending. ;)
    As a Cubbie (AWANA) helper of a few years, I can completely concur with this. :P

    about 2 years ago