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Understand Me When I

January 25, 2016


I am not a naturally outgoing person. I'm more of an introvert. I'm not an extreme introvert, I can talk to adults, guys, and girls. 
But not without reason.
I don't blab my mouth all the time- if it doesn't mean something, I don't say it. If it's just about me, I don't say it. Who wants to hear what I did this weekend? The answer: only people that care about me. Only when I know that you care about me will I open up to you about my daily doings- I don't want people who are neutral towards me to automatically hate me because I won't shut up.
So if I do talk to you, please know that it's not because I dislike you; I never make fun of people. The world has enough negativity in it already. 
When I talk to you, it's because... wait for it... I care about you. It was at least kind of difficult for me to start talking to you. 

Now, imagine a scenario with me. 

One dark Thursday night there was a teenager driving his car on a giant salt plain. Imagine the flattest thing you've ever seen, and a salt plain is flatter still.(google it if you don't believe me).
Salt plains are great for many things, one of which is breaking speed records, due to it's incredible flatness.
That dark night a man was driving home across the salt plain when he saw a car traveling at  high speeds in his direction. The man flashed his lights and slowed to a stop. The other vehicle also slowed to a stop.
"You guys tryin' to break a record or something?" the man said.
"Yes sir."
"Well have fun out here. My fastest speed ever was 168 miles per hour- try to beat that if you can."
"Wow! that's fast! I'll certainly try."
"Well, see ya later. Oh, and about 14 miles behind me there was a small earthquake that caused quite a trauma to the surface, and you can't drive over it. If you hit it going even 40 you will definitely crash. Higher speeds will probably kill you."

What do we see here? A helpful warning. Since the other vehicle was heading in that direction, it would have ran into it pretty soon if the man hadn't stopped and warned them. Was what the man did a mean thing? Not at all- he was warning them of almost certain death. He didn't wreck their fun. He helped them. He cared about them.

Okay, now travel with me from the salt plains to a bright and sterile doctor's office.

"Doctor Thail, what makes you so sure?"
"Well, I've earned several awards for my discoveries about this certain bacteria. It has mostly been a rumor to this point, but with you here, we now have our first case of a human host. This bacteria doesn't cause any pain, but it is lethal. I'm going to give you this medicine. Don't be so worried! It's safe and FDA approved. You'll only need to take it this once, and it will prevent the bacteria from living in you."
"So there's never been a case like me before?"
"No ma'am, never."
"So how can I be sure it will kill me?"
"Well ma'am, I'm not 100% sure, but there is a very high chance it will kill you. This bacteria's life cycle is only 24 hours long, so that means that you will most likely be dead within the next 24 hours unless you take this medicine. I'm willing to give it to you- I don't want anything from you or your money, I just want you to live."
"Well, I'm not so sure... I mean, it's never happened before. I mean, it's 2016 doctor- new things don't just happen. I'm leaving."
"No ma'am, I can show you-"

But the door slams. 24 hours comes and goes. The woman lives without any harm. Doctor Thail thought it was the deadly bacteria, but it was only a close cousin that lives in the human body without affecting it in any way.

Back to you again: Doctor Thail warned his patient sincerely. He truly believed that the woman would die without the cure. So he warned her. But the warning was unnecessary since the close cousin was harmless. Were Doctor Thail's intentions bad? Was he being kind? Did he wreck her fun? No. He helped her. He cared about her as a patient, as someone on their way to what he believed to be certain death. The man on the salt plains and the doctor had the same exact intentions: they did what they did because they thought someone was in danger. The fact that one person wasn't actually in danger doesn't change the attitude the doctor had- he still cared about his patent and tried to help her, although fortunately it was not necessary.

I am not a naturally outgoing person. I'm more of an introvert. I'm not an extreme introvert, I can talk to adults, guys, and girls. So if I do talk to you, please know that it's not because I dislike you; it's because I like you and I care about you

I believe that God is a loving God. He loved us even when we were His enemies. 

I am not a naturally outgoing person. I'm more of an introvert. So if I do talk to you, please know that it's because I like you and I care about you

But God must also punish sin. "Wait now," you might be thinking, "If God is truly loving, why would he send people to hell?"

That question can be answered by traveling with me to a courtroom. Follow me there.

"Jack A. Hughson. You have been tried and convicted for rape, murder, and child abuse."
At this point, the judge glances at you. With tears in your eyes and rage in your heart, you are anticipating justice. The man who raped and killed your sister, Hughson, will now face the punishment for his disgusting crimes.
"Mr. Hughson. The evidence is clear and the jury in unanimous. You are undeniably guilty for these crimes. But you know what? I'm a loving judge, so I'm going to let you go."
Right now you, YOU reading this right now, are thinking about how crooked and twisted this is. That judge is not a loving judge! Nor is he just. A loving judge would seek justice and make that man pay for his crimes.

God is a loving God. As a God, it only makes sense that He is above us, and has authority over us. After all, if God were on our level, why would he be God? Because God is a loving judge, he must punish sin. 

God, as a loving judge, punishes sin by sending the guilty to hell. Sin, which is murder, lying, adultery- things that you do against other people and against God himself (such as using His name as a curse word).
God is loving to you to punish wrongdoers, and he is loving to others by punishing you, who have wronged others. Let's face it; we've all lied. We've all gossiped or talked bad about people. Jesus says that if you are angry with someone in your heart it's as if you've murdered. Jesus says that if you look on someone to lust after them, you've committed adultery already in your heart. For your sins, a loving and just God must punish you.

God is a loving God. He delights in loving us. God says that while we were yet sinners(His enemies!) Christ died for us. While you were a sinner, God was already willing to die for you. His dying for you was Him taking your punishment. He was your substitute. Jesus came and took your sin and put it on himself, and himself paid for your sin in a barbaric Roman form of torture, while at the same time offering you His righteousness. 

God is loving, therefore He must punish. But God is loving, so He provided a way for our sins to be paid for by His son so that we could be free and our impending punishment would be paid, not by us, but by Jesus. 

I am not a naturally outgoing person. I'm more of an introvert. So if I do talk to you, please know that it's not because I dislike you, it's because I do like you.
Me telling you that you are a sinner probably doesn't make you feel all cheery and warm inside- it probably makes you angry at me.
I'm not telling you because I hate you or because I'm some holier-than-thou freak. I was a sinner, and I STILL AM a sinner, though Jesus has paid for my sins. The only difference between me and you if that I've accepted a gift.
You too can accept that gift, and God invites you to accept. All God wants in exchange is for you for forsake your sins, leave them, and be sorry for them. Furthermore, He only asks that you trust Him as the only way to heaven. The only way. No Him and your good works. Nothing. Just Him. And when you think about it, it makes sense. Why would Jesus come to earth, live here for about 33 years, and then die an excruciating death if there was another way? He wouldn't. Jesus' substitution by death is the only way to get to God.

Why did I tell you this, Madelyn? Because I hate you? No. I believe and have facts, hard proof, that the Bible is true. 
But even if it weren't true, think back to the doctor. If I believe that death is coming to you and it turns out that it really hasn't, does that mean I hate you or care about you less because it was a false alarm? No. My care is just as sincere as if the threat was real.

But the threat is real. And I cared about you enough to talk to you and tell you. Why did you treat me like trash? Why did you scream in ALL CAPS at me for sharing? Why?

And you reader. I care about you enough to share both my heart and what I know is true with you. 
How much would I have to hate you to not share this message with you Madelyn? How much would I have to hate you, reader, to not share this message with you? I would literally hate you so much I wanted you to die and go to hell.

But I don't hate you Madelyn, or you reader, or anyone in the future or past I've talked to about this. I care about you. That's why I share.
Thanks for reading, I know it was long. I want you to seriously consider what I said about God, because it's true. If you're looking for the evidence I was talking about, comment and I'll be happy to share. 

And I want you to think about it: Me, or anyone else who "proselytizes" you is only doing it because they care. If they hated you, they wouldn't tell you.

Madelyn. I didn't care about you in a romantic way- I cared about you just as a person. I am an introvert- it's not comfortable to talk to people. I wasn't trying to "convert" you or anything like that- I just care about you. 


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1 Comment
  • Jeremy Houle

    lol... and much much after the fact I can see that I was lying about "not in a romantic way". I don't love you anymore, honestly you scare me the way you have descended into darkness. I love the old Madelyn, the homeschooled one, not the public school one. The one in my memory. The one who no longer exists.

    almost 3 years ago