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November 27, 2018


Prompt: This is a very open ended and wide prompt. Please rant about something that you either love, hate, or want to ridicule. If it could be hilarious that would be great, but if not, still okay. 

Pls just leave a link in the comments for your piece. All submissions are due by December 2nd.
The minimum word limit is 200 words. 

First Place:
A follow (If I'm not already following you.)
10 Detailed reviews on the pieces in which you choose.
A reminder to people in my message to writers, to follow you.
You, if you would like to judge my next contest and you can also come up with the next prompt.

Second Place
A follow (If I'm not already following you.)
8 Detailed Reviews of whatever pieces you choose.
A reminder every once in a while for people to follow you.
You will be able to help judge the next contest.

3rd Place
A follow (If I'm not already following you.)
4 detailed review of whatever pieces you choose
One reminder for people to follow you in one of my pieces.
You will have a small vote on the winner of the next contest.

Have fun!


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  • CreativeAngel

    Also I did this at the last minute bare with me here

    9 months ago
  • CreativeAngel


    This is mine thank you for checking it out if you do :)

    9 months ago
  • green.eyes.gurl

    I posted it a while ago and forgot I was supposed to link it XD https://writetheworld.com/groups/1/shared/91108/version/173382

    9 months ago
  • Mangolover

    Damnnnnn, these are awesome prizes! Have fun judging & good luck to everyone who enters :P

    9 months ago