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A Floridian girl who loves the games and the stories of the world. Stories are the best when they are from the heart.

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The Bow

November 20, 2018

PROMPT: In the House

    In my room, there are various items from plush to a balloon without air taped to the wall. The most bizarre item is a bow for a string bass paired with a binder with some songs within. Thing is that there is no string bass in the household for the bow and music to with. The bow is tightened, and some of the hairs are loose. I brought the bow home several months earlier form my sudden join to the Orchestra after some time in Gym class. I wanted to leave, I had no friends and some people had malicious intentions. Orchestra was one of the best times in my life. I left, for why I still don't know. When I returned the bass I packed it up I forgot it. So now it sits on white shelves with the music book. Dormant. A reminder of my bad decision. 


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