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A Floridian girl who loves the games and the stories of the world. Stories are the best when they are from the heart.

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Hope the world is treating you well.

Super Selfie

November 20, 2018

PROMPT: Turned to Stone

The pizzas were warm, and boxing them was as tedious on Friday. I hated my job. I looked both ways and flashed my phone and looked at my stream. Only twenty-five followers, I rolled my eyes and then checked my other platforms nothing more than thirty followers. I took a selfie with a pizza, trying to pretend I have a life. I looked at my miserable feed of only three pictures, so heavily filtered. I continued to fold pizza boxes and slide the cheap pizzas in the boxes. I left the building and went to my miserable apartment. I looked at my feed again, nothing new. What’s the point of life? Mine is so boring, I looked at my window and thought I could jump. As soon as I balanced on the window seal looking at the stories below. Then my phone buzzed, there was a spontaneous strain of followers. I had to post a picture, I pulled up the camera then I almost dropped my phone from what I saw, it didn't just filter that the normal phones had.  


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