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Spooky Houses

November 20, 2018

PROMPT: Open Prompt

The others around me didn’t believe me but the with the keys in hand I walked in with them behind me. The creaky old house smelled like dust and age, the drama king behind coughed, “Adrian if you don’t want to go in then you can go! We going in, no matter what.” I glanced back at him, “Lighten up, Emma!” Evie said. I held my camera tightly, it was an old camera and the entire group walked in behind me. “How about we split up?” Evie said. The light that spilled into the room revealed some stairs that split into two stairwells. “How about me and Arabella go to the left?” Evie said cooly. The than a noise in the distance, sound like a yell.
“Kay me and Arabella are going to the noise. This will make the best headline for the school blog!!” Evie squealed. She grabbed Arabella’s hand and ran up the stairs.
    The situation then escalated to awkward heights leaving me, Lydia and Adrien. “Let’s go,” I said to break the awkwardness of the situation. I walked the opposite direction of the two girls and up the stairs. The door behind me closed suddenly, “Let's go find them, I knew that we shouldn’t have split up!” Lydia exclaimed. “We’ll be fine. I’m sure they are fine and the wind closed that door. Just breathe, we’ll be fine.” I said trying to calm her down. Adrien looked around and snapped his flashlight on and we walked. Inside breathing heavily since the air had a heavy feel.
    The hours passed and we collected some pictures and videos of this old home. Some things were the historic importance of decade-old items and others were suspicious noises. On the occasion the drops of mysterious liquids. Then I heard a blood-curdling scream. “Arabella!!” I and the others ran out to the source of the scream. Arabella’s scream echoed in my mind as I ran to the room where the scream came from. I heard the heavy breaths from my friends behind me. The door was stuck and I heard someone else scream, Evie. I heard her running. After pushing the door down with the help of my friends and what I saw wasn’t pretty. Adrian saw what I saw and started gaging. Then Lydia threw up on the floor. I walked up to Arabella, she was bleeding. She started coughing blood and exhaling loudly. I looked at her, “Tell my parents, I-I,” she exhaled and didn’t inhale. Arabella was gone. I looked at my friends and they were full of terror. I cradled her head. “Evie is in danger”
    In the hall, I saw a figure, I looked behind me and saw my friends, “Lydia, do the light thing.” I called. We had to find Evie and get the heck outta here. I tripped and heard  Evie calling out to us. She was covered in blood and had a slash on her shoulder. We hugged her in a embrace. Adrian looked at her, they were kinda in a relationship, but he told her he had eyes for another. He dug in his backpack, yanked a bandage out and wrapped it around her wound. I saw a figure in the distance and he was walking towards us. I took my friends hands and started running. Was I seeing things? I wasn’t risking my friends' lives. I looked behind me there wasn’t a walking figure, just a cloak hanger. I was snapping pictures of everything so if I die this will be proof. I remembered snapping a picture of Arabella, before she was killed by the ghost of Charlie Hudson. Charlie Hudson was the son of the owner, who committed suicide after learning nobody loved him. Evie was shaking like a leaf,  and she said: “How about me and Lydia go find a exit, and you and Adrain can go find one as well.” Evie called to me. I nodded and they left. I snapped a picture until the snap form the camera broke a window. “Yes!!” I cried as light poured into the room, in the darkness you could barely see faces but now I saw everything. I looked at my friends and as Adrian tried to break it more so we could climb out and find some help, and maybe if Arabella is still holding on, she can get the help she needs. There was a slam. Then Lydia screamed, “Noo! Stop!” I wheeled around and saw Evie crouched on Lydia with a knife over her. It was as though I was washed with fear. Adrian was out the window, then I had a choice, to leave or try and save Lydia. I ran to Evie and pushed her and tried to restrain her. Lydia was panting and the struggle against Evie was difficult. If I lost I would die. Lydia helped me and we pinned her and moved her knife, which seemed to have blood. “Why?” Lydia asked. Evie said in an angry”My love, you guys were trying to take him away. When he told me he looked at all of you, so if I wanted my dear to be with me then I would have to rid the world of your existence, I tried trapping everyone. But then I thought me and Arabella alone would be better. Now see where she is,” Evie chuckled then out of not where she pushed me and Lydia off and grabbed her knife. The monster then pushed Lydia down, as she had done before and I was to slow, she started to ruthlessly kill my friend and the last sentence I heard from Lydia was, “Camera, run, family love.” I knew what she meant, take a picture run away and tell her family she loved them. Then in a flash, I snapped the picture and ran away. After it all, I realized that if Evie chose me I probably couldn’t have gotten her in jail.
    It has been fifteen years since then capture of Evie Valar and now I have my two children and my husband, Adrian. We decided to name our two daughters Arabella and Lydia.
I wrote this for Halloween, but it's past due so...yea (sorry).


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