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the view from my window is all i can ask for


November 20, 2018


early 5 o'clock and sky some form of pathetic fallacy
streaks of azure blended with cobalt blue
the peaks of the asperitas buffed powder white 
not happy but not entirely sad
a romantic kind of sorrow-
beautiful in a way.

There's always too much gravity to feel the highs.
Maybe I should just make my bed among the lows.

The sky now clears
its arctic blue beauty teasing me,
decamping and moving on to the next.
Maybe I should too.

pathetic fallacy: A reflection of human natures specifically on nature (weather in particular)
asperitas: A type of cloud- wavy like a blanket 


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  • jengelman

    i like it but i hate when poets use fancy words out of context to try and prove a point. it just makes it less personal, but like do what u want. the only word that was really out of place was asperitas. the rest is fine

    over 1 year ago