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I am a young writer in high school who writes for the fun of it. The things I love to read/write are fantasy, sci-fi, and cute, fluffy romance stuff.

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I am still a little bad when it comes to spelling and punctuation. However I am trying my best, so please feel free to help me!

Struggles of Names

January 25, 2016

PROMPT: All in a Name

Nothing in the world would make me want a new name. My entire name in fact rolls off the tongue very smoothly: Kyrsten Anne Faga. Now to quote Anne of The Green Gables, "it's Anne with an "e"". But just because I love my name, doesn't mean I don't have difficulties with it.

My name is not rare, however it is not popular. The spelling of my name, spelt Kyrsten, is not normal. Normally it is spelled Kirsten or Krystan or whatever. And with an oddly spelt name, comes the people who stare at it and try to pronounce it. Honestly it's not that hard. The first part rhymes with ear, and the last part rhymes with tin or pin. Put it together you get KEAR-stin. But no matter how many times you tell certain people, they just don't understand.

Let's move on though and talk about how I came to have this name. My mother was reading a book when she was a teen, and found a beautiful name. She doesn't remember the name of the book, but the name has always stuck. From the time she read it, she knew that the first daughter she had would be named, Kyrsten.   

Since I was young, I always wanted a nickname. However, Kyrsten doesn't take to nicknames very easily. So I was left without one until about seventh grade. During this time, I was starting to write and create stories more, and one of the characters I made was named Kizzy. Along with making characters, my friends and I would pretend to be them, so by the end of the school year, I was nicknamed Kizzy, or Kizzy-Cat, since I like cats. 


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