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Anyssa Reese

November 20, 2018

    “Mama!”A little girl, not even eight years old, screamed out to her mother who was fighting for the sake of her daughter’s life.
    “Anyssa, get away from here!” her mother ordered as she tried to block a knife that was aimed directly above her heart. Anyssa, however, was paralyzed from fear. She was worried for the safety of herself as well as her family. To leave was the equivalent of abandoning her own blood, but to stay meant to defy her mother’s wishes and risk danger. As her mind jumped from one decision to the next, Anyssa’s body remained still on the floor watching the struggle between the man in black and the woman who looked after her for all these years. Unfortunately for the older female, the perpetrator was stronger and was able to pierce through her skin and there she collapsed down to the ground next to the corpses of her husband and younger child, their metallic liquid mixing together on the floor.
    The thunder crashed and, for a single moment, all that could be heard in the darkness of the night was the unnerving roar of the rain and howling of the wind outside of the small, beat up cottage as the child’s eyes took in every single detail of the bodies on the ground. Wide, lifeless eyes of her family stared back into Anyssa’s chocolate brown ones. Pale faces, horror-stricken expressions, and the metallic scent of blood permeated themselves into her memory.
    That single moment felt like an eternity passed, and soon the seven-year-old’s attention whipped back to the murderer who was currently sauntering towards her. Although she wanted to scream and whimper in fear of her impending death, no sound came from the young girl as giant tears streamed down her face. She attempted to scramble away from the menacing fiend, but soon, Anyssa hit the back wall and was unable to move anywhere else. Animalistic orbs eyed the girl as if the man was deciding how he would kill her. The killer was less than a meter away when his trip was cut short by a purple wall-like force that flung him to the left side of the room.
    There at the doorway was a woman dressed in a musky, olive green dress and cloak. Her hand was outstretched with fine wisps of smoke in the same purple color that attacked the murderer and saved Anyssa from her death.
    “You!” she growled. “You and your co-workers stole from me!” The woman floated over to the man who laid on the floor groaning. “It’s time you pay for your crimes, so here’s a taste of what is going to happen to your friends.” It was then when Anyssa truly observed what quick torture was in its purest of forms. The woman floated over to the man who laid on the floor groaning and once again, all the little girl could do was gawk as the scene played out before her, unable to make a sound as dark magic filled the room. She watched for about a minute or two before the mysterious woman took a step back to admire her handiwork. The body was so mutilated that Anyssa could hardly comprehend that whatever was on the floor and walls were once human.
    The woman picked her stolen item, then began to walk away from the cottage, but before she got too far outside, the little girl called out. Her mind was made up; she wanted to take justice into her own hands too.
“Wait!” she yelled. Anyssa scrambled to her feet and grabbed the green sleeve of the woman’s dress, the rain soaking her immediately even though it lighten up a bit. “Ple-please don’t leave me,” she said. “Please teach me to be like you. Please give me magic!” The woman tensed at the sudden contact and slowly turned her head down to look at the small female. The magic user’s eyes were wide with shock almost as if she just realized that Anyssa was there.
    The woman spoke in a low and deadly voice, “You do not know what you ask for, human. To be like me is to become a murderer, to sin, to lie, to give up your own humanity. I am no longer the same being as you and I am feared for what I am. I am a different entity, one that matches the folklore of demons and eldritch horrors. Besides, you would need to be turned and trained.”
    “Fine. Turn me into whatever you are and train me yourself. I have nothing to lose, and I want those kind of men who kill for fun gone from this world!” was Anyssa’s squeaky reply. The woman regarded the small, determined girl on her knees before her with a critical eye. After a long debate in her head, the woman complied with the small girl’s demands.
    “As you wish, young one,” and with that, the woman unleashed a powerful surge of dark energy from her fingertips in the rain. A much darker purple mist crackling with black miniature lightning bolts snaked their way into every opening on Anyssa’s face, including her ears, nostrils, mouth, and eye sockets. It was then that the physical changes began. Her bright blonde hair and warm brown eyes darkened into a deep charcoal black, while her sun-kissed skin faded into a gray hue. Red cross-like markings etched itself onto the skin around her eyes, almost like a tattoo. Suddenly, a bright flash of electric blue erupted from the changing girl with enough force to topple down a few nearby trees. As the storm ended, the mysterious dark woman left Anyssa with a promise to return to her after dealing with the rest of her business. The little girl was breathing heavily, clutching the muddy forest ground as she rested on her hands and knees. There was no turning back.     
    Anyssa Reese would never be human again.


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