Anna Farnes

United States of America


November 20, 2018

“They know what we look like, we have to look like something completely different. We need to look like them.” Luna whispered, she held the light before her face and I could see hope for the first time in what seemed like ages. She suddenly had short black hair with blue eyes and black specks in the cornea part of her eye. I held onto the light with her, and I had long blonde hair with brown eyes, and of course - black specks.
The Figures could easily pass as a normal human in the daylight. But trust me they’re not. They appear as a shadow when the light leaves them. You can tell they’re a Figure by their eyes, they have black specks in their cornea part of the eye. “Let’s go” I whispered, we sprinted for the door we came through, it was locked. The wall seemed to open from where the pounding was coming from, it rolled up as if it was a garage. The light slowly spilled into the room, and Luna hid the light that Ace had given to us into her pocket.
 A wave of confidence flew over me, they will never know it’s me. Maybe it wasn’t even confidence, it was hope - as well as anger. I was so mad at them that the fear of actually coming this close to the figures drowned in my furry. All I really wanted was for Luna to get home safely, she didn’t have golden specks in her eye like me. She doesn’t deserve this terror.
 Before the light reached me, I noticed something Ace left. It sat on top of a shelf from where he had given us the light. “We’ll need this,” I said to myself. I don’t know why I was so confident about it, but I knew it was something we needed. I slipped it into my pocket moments before I saw guards lined up outside in more than just regular uniforms.They were decked out with silver masks, with a small opening for their eyes. The area they were in was closed off from the rest of Chinatown, the only way out was through a long alleyway.
 I walked before Luna with confidence, it must've been the adrenaline. “Sorry, we were just-” One of the guards reached for me, and it happened. I started flying, trying to get away. All of my ‘confidence’ that I had before left me in a heartbeat. I was 10 feet off the floor when all of the figures each held different types of weapon at me. “Sky!” Luna yelled at me, but none of the guards paid attention. I knew that I couldn’t fly faster than a bullet, I just desperately flew higher - but I could only feel myself getting weaker with my fear. Then all of a sudden one of the guards flew up with me - it wasn’t a figure - it was Ace. All of the figures started panicking in there confusion. “What are you doing!” I yelled at him, but before he could answer, he got interrupted:
 "Well, well, well look what we've got ourselves here!” A Figure said as he clapped his hands slowly while walking out of the dark room that I and Luna were just in. He looked about eighteen years old, also around mine and Ace’s age. He wore all black with black sunglasses. He had long black hair that went an inch past his ears, and he had olive skin. “Ha, who would have known we have two out of the nine most powerful Specks here with us: Sky and Ace. What a catch!” He smiled coldly as he took off his glasses to reveal turquoise eyes with black specks. “you also put on quite a show, thinking you could outsmart us.” He shook his head while inching his way towards Luna who was frozen in her fear. I looked at Ace who mouthed “hand me the tool” I gently set the tool into his hand that was behind his back. The Figure looked up from Luna and stared coldly at me and Ace “Don’t try to fly away, or I'll turn your twin sister into one of us. I have full power to do so, as I am heir to the throne of the” he laughed to himself as he twisted his mouth and stated “Figures.”
“Leave her alone!  I’ll do whatever you say, just let her go,” I said as I slowly descended to the floor, only a few feet before the prince, I was the only thing standing between him and Luna.
“How tender. You would sacrifice yourself for your twin sister who has no powers!”  He laughed to himself. “It’s pathetic really. My father says you are the most powerful, but what you really are is weak.” He said as he spit on me. He walked close enough to me that I could see my reflection is his cold eyes “You don’t stand a chance against me, because when I’m king-”
“You’re not king yet!” Ace said with his face red hot and his teeth clenched.
He then revealed the tool, it was in the shape of a horseshoe. It was silver when I first picked it up, but it was glowing as he held it, with golden specks flying everywhere like electricity. All of the Figures fell to the floor, through all of the chaos I looked away from Ace to find the prince out of sight leaving Luna as a figure. She desperately fell to the floor, the tool that Ace held had full power to hurt her. “Stop! You’re hurting her!” I screamed to Ace, as I fell to the floor by my sister, the power that the light tool had faded and she looked like her old self. Only now she had black specks in her cornea, my own sister has become my greatest fear.

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  • rosemarywisdom

    I like this!

    about 1 year ago
  • Quille

    Cool! Descriptions and actions are both awesome! :D

    about 1 year ago