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I am a person who uses writing to express the emotions and thoughts she can't say out loud.

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This is not a love story by the way. So, Xenia and Cory will never end up in a relationship together. Just wanted to make that clear.

The Beginning of the End: Chapter One

November 20, 2018


    Xenia looked out her window at the moon. She ignored her parent's fighting downstairs and pretend she was all alone in her room. She leaned a little further out the window wanting to get a better look. 
"Hey you girl up there, you lean out any more and you're going to fall out that window!" someone called out from down below.
   Xenia looked out her window to see a boy with dark hair. He looked about her age, but older with the smirk he had plastered on his face. Xenia looked at the boy curiously never before seeing him in this neighborhood. 
"Who are you?" she whispered-yelled not wanting to alert her parents of her nighttime activities.
"Well window girl my name is Cory. I just moved here not too long ago. Now, who are you unless you would like me to continue calling you window girl," Cory said a little laughter in his voice.
    Xenia hesitated for a moment. Her mother always told her never to talk to strangers, because they can't be trusted. This boy on the other hand was her age, so how bad could he be? 
"My name is  Xenia," she said softly.
   The boy nodded his head like he had to think over her name.  Like it was a puzzle to be solved.
"I like your name it is very different," Cory said grinning.
"Thank you Cory," Xenia responded blushing.
 "Xenia you and I are going to be the best of friends. I can promise you that," Cory told Xenia s he turned to walk away.
   Xenia paused watching Cory go back to his home. She never had the best track record with friends, boys or girls. She was weird and different from everyone else.
"Why are you so sure we are going to be friends?" Xenia called out.
   Cory was already a short distance away, but he was still able to hear her. He turned back hands in his pockets and looked at Xenia not saying anything.
 "Because we both like to look at the moon," he said before walking away.
   Xenia leaned back into her room watching Cory's retreating figure. She closed her window and walked over to her mirror where she hid her diary. She took it out writing out the heading.
    Moon watching Age:7 Date: October 4, 2009
I met a boy who just might become my new best friend.
Nine Years Later
Xenia rifled through her clothes looking for her favorite hoodie. She knew it was in her room somewhere, but she just couldn't seem to find it. She was still looking when her bedroom door swung open. She turned around to find her best friend standing there eyeing her mess of a room. 
"Xenia you really need to clean your room," was the first thing Cory said to her before plopping down on her bed.
Xenia rolled her eyes going back to her search," You really need to stop sounding like my mother."
   She her Cory laughed at her sarcastic comment and she smiled to herself. It always made her happy when Cory laughed at her jokes. Since he was pretty much the only person in the world to pay attention to anything she had to say. 
"What are you looking for and how can I help find it," Cory said after a few minutes of Xenia rifling through her "sock drawer".
   Xenia turned around to playfully glare at Cory, "No you are not allowed to help me find what I'm looking for. I have been looking for this item all morning and you always find my stuff. I am not going to let you win this time, buddy."
   Xenia turned back around to look for her hoodie more determined to find it now that Cory was around. She always wondered how he could find her stuff in five seconds when it takes her days to look for that same thing. She knew they only had a limited amount of time before they had to leave for school and Xenia was ready to be late if she had too.
"Window girl," Cory started using his childhood nickname for her, "if you are by chance looking for your hoodie it's right here on your bed."
   Xenia walked out of her closet and saw Cory holding up the maroon hoodie in his hands and smirk on his face. Xenia glared grabbing a stuff alien of her closet hurling at Cory. It didn't hit, but she was satisfied watching him fall out the bed. She marched over to the bed grabbing her hoodie and throwing it over her t-shirt.
"Cory I hate you a lot and I hope you know that," Xenia joked grabbing her bookbag and walking out her room.
"You could never hate me because you love me," he responded laughing.
   Xenia rolled her eyes, but smiled at the same time. Cory was right about Xenia never hating him. Cory and Xenia had become really close after Cory called out to Xenia when she was moon watching. They stayed close even after Cory joined the realm of popularity when he made the varsity basketball team and Xenia joined the realm of the unpopular nerds. Although, Cory and Xenia didn't spend that much time together anymore they were still the best of friends.
"Cory did you want to come over tonight after school? There is going to be a blood moon tonight and it would be really cool to see especially snacking on moon pies," Xenia asked waggling her eyebrows as Cory drove them to school.
 "Xen you know I would love too, but I can't tonight," Cory said sheepishly.
 "Why not Cor?" Xenia asked trying to mask her hurt.
   Lately whenever Xenia asked Cory over for moon watching Cory always said no. He usually found a reason not to go and Xenia was starting to get hurt by it.
"I have plans with the team tonight. I thought I told you about this weeks ago," Cory said a little annoyed.
 "No, you didn't tell me Cor," Xenia said even more annoyed.
"Well now I am telling you. Maybe next time we can do some moon watching," Cory told her.    
   Xenia rolled her eyes because this is what Cory always said when he didn't hang out with her," Yeah whatever."
       When Cory stopped the car at the school, Xenia got of the car not even bothering to say goodbye to Cory. Xenia was hurt and upset knowing that the real reason Cory didn't want to moon watch was because he thought it was "uncool". She wished he would be the friend she knew he could be. The friend who she met when he didn't care what people thought.
   Xenia got to her locker and saw that her only other friend Rayne was waiting for her.
"Hey, Xenia where is your other half?" Rayne asked.
"I have no idea and I really don't care at the moment," Xenia answered sourly.
     As, she opened her locker Rayne slammed it shut. Xenia rolled her eyes and looked at Rayne. Her and Rayne met in art class freshman year. At, first Xenia was scared of Rayne. Rayne was one of those people who should have been cool. She had dark red hair, amazing vintage clothes, and a personality that could scare a bear. Soon after Rayner and Xenia were partnered in class they became fast friends. Rayne was the person other than Cory that Xenia called her best friend.
"Xenia tell me what happened with you and Cory," Rayne demanded.
"I asked him to come moon watching tonight and once again he claimed to have other plans," Xenia explained sadly.    
   Xenia didn't move when Rayne through her arm around her pulling her in a hug.
   "Oh sweet Xen, just tell Cory how you feel. We both know that he hates to hurt you, so if you tell him that he is hurting you he will stop," Rayne said.
   Xenia nodded knowing that Rayne was right.
"Look there he is now," Rayne said pointing Cory out.
   Xenia smiled knowing that Cory was probably coming to apologize. She watched him as he came closer and then turned to his basketball friends. 
"Guess he is not going to apologize to me," Xenia murmured.
   She ignored Rayne's pitying looks as she grabbed her stuff and walk to class. 

First chapter of my new story. Hope you guys enjoy it.


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