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Message to Readers

Wow. This was definitely not supposed to be so dark, or reflective. It just kind of... came out. What started as an attempt at horror grew into a small anti-bullying... thing. Ah well, take from it what you will and, if you so choose, let me know what you think!


January 25, 2016


Frost crept up the window pane like a scab would encompass on an open wound. Their breaths, quick and sharp, broke the air in clouds that grew and curled like cigarette smoke, exhaled. 

Their fingers grasped one another's. Stiff. Numb with cold. 

A tap came at the window. The shadow of a hand outlined in the frost-covered glass. There was a crack and the girl laughed, abruptly, insanely. It became a sob. The boy wanted to move. But couldn't. Wouldn't dare. 

They never thought it would end like this. 

Cracks threaded their way through the glass, like a spider's web. 

Why would they? It was only supposed to be a joke. They never thought she would take it so seriously.

Then then the glass shattered. 

They didn't think she would fall. But it was raining and the bridge was wet. 

Soulless eyes stared at them from outside the parked car. Then, slowly, a smile crept onto her face.

They were just kids. 

She was still wearing her blue dress. 

It's what they told themselves. What they told the police. 

She still had those ridiculous glasses. 

They weren't bullies, they were just having fun. It was her fault anyway. Her fault for - 

Crying. She was crying. There were tears in her eyes. And she looked just as hurt as she did that day, just as - 

Heartbroken. It was like she'd actually believed they'd wanted to play with her. Her. Of all people.

There was a click and the door opened. 

They didn't mean to shove so hard.

How could one child be so terrifying? Even a dead one.

It was supposed to be a game.

She stopped smiling.

It wasn't supposed to end like this. 

And then she pushed. 


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