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There is nothing really worth knowing about me. I'm simply another face in the crowd, unless you know me. I don't like putting myself out there, it makes me uncomfortable and feel exposed. That's all you ever need know about me.

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I Can't Believe You | #ICBYPoetry

December 3, 2018


You say you love me,
But you won't date me,
I can't believe you.

You say be happy,
But as you know,
You are my happiness,
And you deny me,
I can't believe you.

You say I can trust you,
But betray me, you have,
I can't believe you.

I want you,
You say you want me,
And yet you do nothing,
So I say again,
I can't believe you.

You said you'd never break my heart,
But here we are again back at the start,
I Can't Believe You.

So I say goodbye simply because,
I Can't Believe you... 
This is one hundred and ten percent fake, it's just what popped into my head for the theme and so, I did what everyone else does, not question it and write it before I lose it. Enjoy :D (this is probably one of the worst pieces I've ever written)


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  • Kitty Cheshire

    Yup no problem :D

    over 1 year ago
  • AminahMcBina

    Well done, Hon! I believe I told you how much I loved the other piece, and so with the corrections--it's even more so :)

    Thanks for entering my contest!

    over 1 year ago