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Creatures of the Night

November 20, 2018

I may or may not get in some legal trouble but curiosity will forever be the end of me. I jumbled through my father’s mess of paperwork to find any and everything that had my name on it. I knew he had to be hiding something and he had no reason to be hiding anything. He already freaked out when explaining that I was adopted only two years ago as if I hadn’t already figured it out, so I’m expecting a similar reaction when I find out what secrets Dad keeps away from me. I’ve now been accepted into Demonte Academy, which triggered my hectic search for my own information because everything seemed off.

Dad always keeps his home office door wide open all day yet he always lectures me as if I’ve committed murder if I were to ever even step through the door frame. If that’s not a sure sign of hiding dirty little secrets, I don’t know what is. It wasn’t like I haven’t heard all the political gossip of what’s going on with his career and his father, our emperor of the world of Hallium, on the biased news channels. It was about time I figured out where I tie into his crazy profession or the supernatural system in general. There wasn’t much I wanted to know, just information about me, especially with school coming up. Demonte Academy needed to know more about me than what I knew about myself; and Dad easily handed them my paperwork, without my knowledge.

I remembered he took a while to get me officially enrolled into school. Dad had come home late one day, bickering on the phone, searching through the same papers I found today. When I asked what was up he told me he was worried I wouldn’t be able to attend the academy but he didn’t bother explaining why. It was nice to know he cared even though it could sometimes feel like I mean nothing to him. All there is to him is work and more work, he’s probably trying to get me into this private school so I could get off his case.

From what was told to me, Demonte Academy is some fancy rich kid school for all of us creatures. Apparently, it’s pretty hard to get in the school, unless you are, of course, rich, amazing magically powerful or incredibly smart. I just happen to fit into the rich part, thanks, Dad. The academy was created to promote the unity of all the races and encourage kids to strengthen their magic energy. The school has only been open for a few years but it’s already been marked a risky place because of the school’s taboo but good moral since it’s one of the few schools in the Hallium empire that teaches all races. The thought of vampires, demons, werewolves, and all the other creatures getting along was a joke to all the older creatures. They just don’t see that not all demons are psychopathic killers, not all wolves are lazy, disgusting animals and not all vampires are manipulative jerks.

Even if the school is controversial, I was excited to learn more about the magical techniques, like conducting energy or even something as difficult as telepathy. It’s always been a dream of mine to say I’m as magically adept as my father but that’s also one of the biggest impossibilities in my life that I just can’t get over.
I was too busy getting distracted by useless yet intriguing information for hours to get to the papers I was looking for when I already heard a car pull into the garage. I scattered to put everything back and snuck back to my room and acted normal. The front door opened with an exasperated sigh and the sound of baggage being thrown. I peeked out my bedroom door and peered to see who just entered.

The boy turned around and squinted in my direction and I let out a little gasp, after seeing that this guy was not my father. I stiffened myself against the wall in an attempt to camouflage, reaching for my cell phone that sat charging on my dresser. My hands shook as I searched through my contacts for ‘Dad’, which seemed to be hidden under mounds of old friends I never call. The guy climbed up the stairs, calling my dad’s name, then examined his office as he made it up. The phone buzzed, bringing me straight to voicemail. The intruder was tall with a chiseled body and olive skin. He seemed to be around my age, but it was hard to get a good look at his face from the awkward angle between the door crack.
Something was telling me to fend him off since Dad seemed to be busy on the phone at the worst of times, but when I usually have a hunch for something, I tend to get myself into much worst trouble but that never stopped me before.

I crept across the hallway to the office, taking a glimpse in as I clutched my long platinum earrings. He was shuffling the same drawers I was just looking through but much more frantically. When he noticed me spying I readied my magic into my left earring and shot it out into a spear ready to cut his face.

“Oh, hello,” he grabbed the spear and pulled it towards him, diminishing it back to my earring. “Who are you?”

I fell into him but quickly pulled back after feeling the burning heat radiating from his chest. “I should be asking that to you,” My voice shook, making eye contact with the intruder. It was almost like he towered over me and all I could see was his glowing purple eyes that only signified he was a demon. When I examined him further, his entire image just shouted ‘danger’. The skin around his face and arms were faded to a pure black and the base of his scalp exuded a shadowy fog that was unexplainable to me.

“Well, I’m just here to talk to my dad. Y’know, Malik Hale? That politician guy?” He went on digging through my rummage. “Don’t worry; I know I look scary, but I won’t bite, for now.” He laughed but that seemed too real of a threat. The guy looked through Dad’s drawers like he had a very important mission in mind. “So, you know Malik? Are you like the maid or something?”

“I’m his daughter, how does someone like you know him?” I retorted, keeping my a hand on my earring just in case a new weapon was needed.

He looked at me, wide-eyed, and his amethyst eyes shot through me like daggers once again. His goofy smirk turned into a scoff like he had heard this story a thousand times. “He’s my dad too, at least that’s what I consider him to be. He adopted me when I was a baby.”

I raised an eyebrow to his remark. So, that’s one random secret uncovered from Dad’s stash “Y- You’re not even as surprised as I am?” I stammered as I stiffened my posture and he fidgeted around my father’s desk.
“I knew I’ve seen you before, in his pictures; you’re the girl he always tells me to watch out for. Must be nice, he cares about you lots.” The shadowy boy’s smirk turned into a gleam after he finally found the treasure he had been inquiring for:  A lustrous diamond ring. He clasped it close to his chest and the black fog that engulfed him sucked into the ring that he slipped onto his middle finger and watched it glow in the sunlight. He was detoxified.
He looked over to me so we could continue our conversation, “The darkness is gone, right? I’m not scary looking anymore.” He returned the rummaged desk back to normal with a flick of his finger. “My name is Damien Hale. Nice to finally meet you, sis.”


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