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United States

My name is Laura. I may just be a kid, but I love to write. I also like singing, acting, and dancing. I believe everyone should follow their dreams no matter where they come from. Have a good day!

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If you are smart, if you like to sing, if you like to draw, or if you like to write, it doesn't matter. Everyone should get equal opportunities to do what they want. If you are being bullied for who you are, don't be afraid to stand up to him or tell an adult.
(Btw, follow if you are a fellow Ravenclaw ;).


November 19, 2018


Sorry I have not posted anything lately! I have been really busy and I just got done with a play. I probably will not post many Daily Goat Quotes this week, but entries for my competition are due by tomorrow at midnight and results will be announced the 25th! Be sure to submit if you would like to participate. Thank you, love you guys! :)


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