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This is an excerpt from a larger book I am writing. Any feedback is appreciated.

The Elven Kingdom excerpt

November 19, 2018

    When David opened his eyes, he found himself on a very comfortable bed in a very elaborate room. He sat up and looked around. Vein-like lines swirled all across the wall. Each flowing with pulsing energy. Outside were people with pointy ears and pointy hats. This has got to be where the elves live, thought David. Right then he noticed bright green eyes watching him from a few feet away. They belonged to a tall elf lady with dark black hair tied in a ponytail hanging down her back. She wore a black leather jacket over a black T-shirt and matching black pants.
    “How do you like our little empire?” said a voice sounding exactly like the one in a forest.
    “It’s cool. ...But you hit me with a rock!”
    “Well, how else would I have gotten you here? You would’ve been reluctant to leave your other companions behind, but don’t worry they’re safe. You’re the one I’m worried about. Though you have a strong heart, it can be easily turned away from its greater purpose. If we lose you, then we lose our home, world, even our souls. You are all the hope we have left. Come, I want to introduce you to the rest of the Council of Eight,” the elf said, starting to walk away, motioning for David to follow.
    “Hey, Elf-lady, you never told me your name.”
    “Shaw, my name is Shaw.”
    The Council House was infinitely grander than the room David woke up in. Gold statues lined the exterior just in front of the walls which had bigger vein-like lines overflowing with golden orbs of energy. A massive water fountain in the center of the courtyard was at least as tall as two and a half Davids.
    Inside held, surprisingly, even more wonders. Ten crystal chandeliers hung from the immense ceiling and a long golden table, with eight chairs positioned appropriately, stretched across the room. Seven robed elves were seated in their chairs. Shaw walked to her seat, at the head of the table, and sat down.
    “Everyone, this is David. I’m sure you all know why I brought him here by now. He is the key to stopping Blake. He doesn’t—”
    “One question. Why isn’t anyone worried about Cronus? I thought that he was powerful too,” David interrupted Shaw.
    “He actually doesn’t have any power at all; he’s a normal human. Blake makes it look like Cronus has power over his subjects, but he actually doesn’t,” said Harold, another council member.
    “Are you like the queen or something?” David asked Shaw.
    “No, I’m her daughter. She put me in charge of the Council of Eight, me being one of them. There will be plenty of time to answer all of your questions, but, David, we really need to get going with the meeting.”
    “I understand.”
    Addressing the rest of the Council, she continued, “I will personally train David starting in a few minutes. The rest of you may go on with your daily routines, but make sure you stay alert for if we are attacked or another problem arises.”
    She beckoned for David to follow and left the council room through a back door. This led to a long hall, though it was not as exquisite as the rest of the building. At the end of the hall was a green leafy door. On the other side of the door, was a courtyard overgrown with vines and flowers. In the center of the courtyard, was a circle with dormant veins flowing exquisitely around a star with eight points.
    “This is one of the many unknown places in our empire. I used to play here as a child when my mom brought me here. She told me stories, legends, that said that this four-century-old courtyard had magical powers. I never understood, I still don’t, but I keep trying to figure this out.”
    “Why did you show me this? I thought you were going to train me.”
    “This is part of your training. I was just about to teach you about the powers you have which you’ll, I’m sure, use to defeat Blake and Cronus. But mostly Blake,” Shaw replied.
    “Everyone keeps telling me I have powers, but they don’t tell me what they are and why they would be powerful enough to stop a world thieving murderer! I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to not know specific information about yourself that everyone else does!”
    “Do you remember when the leaf landed on Percy making him disappear?”
    “How do you know about that?”
    “That’s not the question, David.”
    “Okay. I do remember,” David replied.
    “You made him disappear. You also summoned that treehouse. Only one other person can do that,” Shaw hesitated before continuing, “Root.”
    “Who is Root?” asked David?
    “Root normally takes the form of a giant red tree.”
    “You mean the tree who told me to embrace my gift and to not fail?” David asked.
    “If it had indigo flames floating over its branches, then, yes that is Root.”
    “Anyway, you can travel through, not just the worlds, but also through time. This is one of the most important skills you must master to defeat Blake. When you hear Time’s call, embrace it, let it pull you through space. Blake is at a disadvantage when you do this. He can only live in the present, he cannot go back to fix his mistakes. This is where the wolves come in. they want nothing more than to tear Blake apart. This is why they’ll help you.”
    “Hold on. You said that I made Percy disappear. Where did I send him to?”
    “I don’t know. That is what you are supposed to find out. Well, that’s enough for today. I’ll show you your room.”


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  • Quille

    Cool! Am also working on an elf novel if you care to check it out. 6 chapters published so far. It's called Elfboy.
    Can't wait to read more of this :D

    11 months ago