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Hello! Some things about me are that I:
Love classical books (War and Peace, the Odyssey, Emma, etc.)
Love singing & playing piano
and I love sleeping (who doesn't?)

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“Writing a book is an adventure. To begin with it is a toy and an amusement. Then it becomes a mistress, then it becomes a master, then it becomes a tyrant. The last phase is that just as you are about to be reconciled to your servitude, you kill the monster and fling him to the public.”
-Winston Churchill

Grilled Cheese #ICBYShortStory

November 19, 2018


    "I can't believe you."
   "I'm sorry, Elena, but your father is dead."
    "You're lying! You're a dirty liar and a terrible Science partner!"
    "My grandmother died that weekend!"
    "More lies!"
    "Elena, I'm sorry. But your father is dead...on his lunch break, he was crossing the street to get lunch when a giant sinkhole opened in front of him. Out of it came giant, pink, furry spiders. They picked up your father and were tossing him back and forth, when suddenly, an angry red dot appeared. When they saw it, the spiders went back into the sinkhole, the dot following. The sinkhole disappeared. Your father got an order of 2 grilled cheese sandwiches without cheese, and upon eating them, died. The doctor said his sandwich had been cooked in lighter fluid instead of butter. I'm sorry, Elena."
    "That's not true! My father never eats cheese-less grilled cheese sandwhiches without ham!" 


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  • November 19, 2018 - 3:51pm (Now Viewing)

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  • Zixdude

    Finally something that isn't about sadness.

    over 1 year ago
  • Ryder

    Wow! This is very unique :}

    over 1 year ago
  • AminahMcBina

    Wow! I can'r even describe this. Comedy? Horror? Sad? Wow, all of those mixed in one! Loved it!!!!!!

    Thanks for entering my contest, good luck!

    over 1 year ago