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I wrote a prologue-type-thing that I hope clears up some confusion :)

The Beast Awakens

December 10, 2018


    Legend has it, that in every home across the globe, once every new moon, a Beast awakens. The Beast is said to possess three people living in each household. These victims suffer from sudden bursts of pain erupting from their stomachs, inconsistent and unpredictable emotions, and strange hunger pangs. The Beast plagues them for seven days before it relinquishes it's hold. Then, it comes back the next month to torture it's innocent victims. No one can predict the victims; No one can resist nor control the Beast.
    This is an account of one young man's encounter with the Beast who had possessed his sister (Although this fact was not known to him at the time).

   "Hey?" I ask warily as I creak open the door, "You in here?" The room is dark; the only light coming from outside the open door. The curtains are closed and the mirror is covered. I switch the lights on. They flicker for a second before a black blur paws the switch and they turn off again. I turn the lights back on but they are promptly switched back off. I try once more but this time, I keep my hand on the switch. When the blur comes back, I grab it.
   I look to see that the blur is not a blur but an arm. An arm which is attached to a hooded figure of small stature. It turns sharply in my direction and hisses. Then, without warning, it reaches out a hand and punches me in my face.
   I yelp and cradle my face with both hands. The creature switches the lights back off and sulks into a corner.
   "Why have you come here?" the creature asks.
   I take some deep breaths to get over the shock of the punch. My nose is throbbing.
   "It wasn't a rhetorical question," the figure prods, "Answer me!"
   "I-" I am cut off.
   "I don't care," the figure continues.
   "But you just-" I am cut off again, this time by a groan. The hooded figure clutches it's stomach.
   "The Beast. It hungers," it mutters.
   "What?" I ask.
   "Go away, I'm wallowing." whines the creature.
   I turn to leave but just as I reach the door, the figure appears in front of me and slams the door shut. We are immediately plunged into complete darkness.
   "Where on Earth do you think you're going?!" it yells. The creature lets out a blood curdling scream, and I hear a thud.
   I rush to the windows and throw apart the curtains. Light floods the room and falls on the figure. It is curled up on the floor clutching its stomach. I get my first (and thankfully only) good look at its face. It's covered in painful looking bumps and dark scars.
   The figure looks up right into the light and hisses. It draws away from the light and covers its face with its sleeve.
   "Don't look at me, I'm hideous." The figure leaps across the room and pulls the curtains shut plunging us into complete darkness once more.
   "It's dark now," I say. I feel a finger on my lips (at least, I hope it's a finger!) and a shhh followed by a scurrying noise across the room. I hear a match being struck and instantly fear for my life. The match hovers over a candle for a second before lowering and lighting it.
   I feel a gentle push on my back, nudging me towards the candle.
   "The light, it gives us warmth," a voice says. The face the voice belongs to appears in the candle light.
   I try to take a step towards the candle but the creature hisses at me.
   "You think you can intrude in my domain and torture me and expect me to share my candle with you?" It yells, "Get out of here"
   I back away towards the door and escape out of the dark room. I leave the door cracked open and as I peer inside, I see the creature whispering to no one.
   "Come, my child," it says, "We have much more to suffer through."


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  • nolongeractive122343

    This is awesome. I could really see everything that was happening. Will there be a sequel? <3

    over 1 year ago