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I am a person who uses writing to express the emotions and thoughts she can't say out loud.

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"In three words I can sum up everything I learned about life: It Goes On"

The Lesson

November 20, 2018


        Lilly walked into her mother's room ignoring the thoughts in her head that told her to get out. She knew that she wasn't allowed in the room when her mom wasn't around, but her babysitter fell asleep and seven year old Lilly was bored. She made sure to close the door behind her, so if her babysitter woke up she wouldn't find Lilly as easily. Then Lilly really got to look around. She first went over to her mother's closet. She opened it up to find beautiful clothes begging to be worn. Little Lilly was too small to fit any of this stuff, but she imagined herself wearing them out when she got older. She averted her eyes from the clothes to look at her mother's shoe collection. She opened box after box finding all different types of shoes and all different types of colors. Heels in bright reds, ballet flats in soft beige, sneakers in vibrant blues. All bright and shiny like they have never been worn even thought Lilly knew her mother wore these shoes ever chance she got. After, making sure the closet was the way it was before, Lilly closed it. 
   Then she walked over to her mother's makeup area. It was a tiny table that seem to house every little thing you could buy out of a cosmetic store. Lilly sat on the tiny seat her mother had and reached for a silver tube that was left out. She opened it up to see it was the brown stuff her mom had on when she left. She rubbed some on her fingers and then put it on her lips. Lilly looked in the mirror not liking the color and decided that when she wore makeup it was going to pop. She wasn't going to wear a boring brown lipstick but a dark red like the teens on the tv show her babysitter was watching. She was going to have on blush, mascara, eye shadow the works. She was going to be beautiful. Lilly smiling to herself imagining her future closed the tube and sat it back in its place. After, a couple more minutes of her rifling through her mom's makeup Lilly got up and went to her last area.
   The jewelry area her mom's most favorite thing in her whole room. It was a huge chest that contain beautiful pieces her mom bought from different places. Lilly knew that this area was why she was not allowed in her mom's room alone because some of the jewelry was expensive, one of a kind, or both. Lilly seemed to not remember her mom's rules about not touching her jewelry stuff as she opened her first draw. In the draw it housed rings. She picked up one after the other trying it on her tiny little finger. Some of the rings were simple and beautiful. Some of them were huge and heavy. The rest though screamed "This cost a lot". Those rings were the ones with big diamonds or intricate designs. Lilly in awe opened up draw after draw forgetting to listen out for footsteps, when her mother's door opened.
   Lilly quickly dropped the bracelet she was holding to look up to find her mother standing there watching her. Lilly eyed her mother looking at the nice yet simple outfit her mother was wearing. 
"Lilly what are you doing in my jewelry box?" her mother asked her voice soft yet menacing.
 "Sorry mommy I was just looking I didn't break anything," Lilly said tearing up knowing she was in for it.
   Bracing herself for the yell of a lifetime she closed her eyes ready picturing herself locked in her room until she was 30 years old. After, a few moments she opened one eye when she didn't hear any yelling. Instead she found her mom standing next to Lilly looking at the bracelet Lilly had just put back. She sat the bracelet back into the draw before pushing it shut. She turned to face Lilly and squatted down to look Lilly in the eye.
"My little flower, why would you come into my room when you know you are not supposed to," her mother asked softly.
 "I just wanted to see it. I like looing at your stuff and you never let me all the time. So, I decided to do it on my own. I promise I didn't break anything mommy. Not even scratch ended up or your stuff," Lilly whimpered.
"Lilly sweetie it is not about anything being broken or scratch. Which I'm glad nothing is it is about following the rules. I told you not to come in here without me with you and you disobeyed that. Lilly there is a lesson to be learned and that is you may not always get to do what you want, and I know that is hard to understand, but it is a better life. If you always do what you want without following the rules you will live a life where you will only disappoint those around you. Do you understand that Lilly?" Her mom asked.
   At seven years old Lilly did understand that.
30 years later
   Lilly held her daughter's hand as she walked up the steps to her mother's house. 
"Grandma," her sweet child said when the door opened revealing her mom.
       Lilly watched her little girl run in the house up the stairs into her room which was Lilly's former room as a child.
"Rosebud don't go into my room," Lilly's mom called out beaming at Lilly.
   Lilly smiled thinking of when she disobeyed that command learning a valuable lesson in return. She wondered if her rule follower daughter would do the same thing. Learning a lesson that one day she could pass down to her daughter. A lesson that would stay in the family generations after generations. 
"Hey mom," Lilly said catching her mother's attention.
"Yes my little sweet flower," Lilly's mother answered using Lilly's childhood nickname.
"Maybe when I get back today Rose, you, and I can have a fashion party like I did at Rose's age," Lilly said smiling
"That is a great idea Lilly," Lilly's mom said grinning  knowingly.

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  • Kaitlyn Hanson

    that's so cute, there are a couple punctuation mistakes you could fix to make it a bit easier to read, but overall its a great story!!!

    over 2 years ago
  • Christy Wisdom

    That's much better! Good job!

    over 2 years ago