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I have a story i'm writing called split about a kid with D.I.D and i just wanted to know what people would think so, yeah

Split - Chapter 1

December 5, 2018


“You’re always in the same room, on the same beanbag, reading the same book,” Alex complained.
            “Ok, and that’s your concern how?” James snickered at his brother.
            “It’s my concern because we're twins, and if you’re bored, I’m bored, so get up because we’re going to do something fun. Come on James.” Alex said as he lightly kicked at his brother’s foot.
            James, although annoyed with his brother, was also tempted. He had been spending a lot of time reading this book, and it didn’t seem like Percy or Annabeth were going to leave Tartarus without him, so he decided to take a break.
            “Fine, but I am not going to Kelly’s house with you. Not after last time.” As James thought about his last encounter with his close friend, a chill went up his spine. Kelly was a nosey-annoying-pest but Alex and James have been her closest friends since they were two years old.
Alex, with a smirk on his face, grabbed his brother’s wrist and raced out the front door. Their parents weren’t to be home for a good while, so James wasn’t too concerned about being late for dinner.
            “Alex! I said I didn’t want to go to Kelly’s house!” James said as he punched his brother in the side of his arm. Alex didn’t seem to care though. Even though they were identical twins, same DNA, same face, Alex was a lot stronger than his brother. Where James was scrawny, Alex was packed with muscles.
            “Trust me. It’ll be fine. I’m sure she isn’t mad anymore-“Alex was suddenly interrupted by a short girl with pastel pink space buns storming out of the front door of Kelly’s house.
            “YOU!” Kelly hollered as she stormed over to James.
            “Hey Kel. I’m assuming you’re still mad-“James was interrupted by a sudden punch in the stomach.
            “Dang Kels, you didn’t have to kill him.” Alex said jokingly as he helped his brother to the door.
            Kelly was Alex and James best friend, but when they made her mad, she took no mercy. As James regained his strength, and Alex headed for the refrigerator, Kelly mumbled something under her breath that James could just barely make out.
            “I don’t get why you’re so upset that I didn’t tell you Kel.” James said cautiously. “Out of anyone in the entire multi-verse, I thought you of all people would understand a serious secret.” James was too late to realize his bad choice of words. Before he could redeem himself, or take back what he said, Kelly shot him a death stare and slowly started for the couch James was lazily resting on.
“Kelly, I didn’t mean to. I was just trying to make a point.” Before Kelly could get more than a few steps closer from where she had been previously standing, Alex ran over, a cookie in his mouth, and grabbed Kelly’s arms.
“Whoa there, Kels. No need to stop his heart. He didn’t mean anything about the-“Kelly shot Alex a death stare harsher than the one she had just given to his brother. “The uh- thing.” Alex shot her a nervous smile, and Kelly shoved her way to sit on the couch next to James.
“I’m not mad you didn’t tell me. That would make me a hypocrite, and I am NOT a hypocrite.” Kelly shot yet another death stare at Alex before continuing. “I’m upset because I didn’t see the signs before. You’re my closest ally,” Kelly didn’t like the word friend very much. The boys never understood completely, but she had always preferred other words to it. “And my favorite twin. “ Alex, being his overdramatic self, put his hand to his heart as his jaw dropped.
“Wow Kels. I’m hurt. That really stung.” Alex replied.  Kelly was used to his childish antics so she did nothing but ignore it.
“Why didn’t you tell me- tell us?” Kelly said, finally addressing Alex who had moved his way to the couch so that he was leaning against his brother annoyingly.
James thought for a second before he answered. Choosing his words wisely was all he could think of doing after Kelly almost went off on him, again. He took a deep breath before he spoke. “She wanted me to. I was just scared. We didn’t know how he would react, but Sam had a feeling that you two would understand, or at least make an effort to.” James said that last part while looking at his brother, Alex. “I was planning on it a while ago actually, but then I had another day attack and it scared me so bad, I thought he was threatening me.”
Kelly, giving a sympathetic smile, replied, “Sam was right, and so was she, but-“
“Sam and the ‘she’ I mentioned are the same person,” James corrected. “Sam is short for Samantha.”
Kelly nodded her head and carefully restated, “Sam was right. I do understand. I did a bit of research and learned a lot about D.I.D. I was a little confused at first, but when I decided to look online for vlogs and stuff of people who also share the disorder, I realized it’s not really much of a disorder at all. It’s more of an involuntary lifestyle.”
James seemed satisfied with Kelly’s response. He knew she always researched things she had thought were important, and even though he knew they were best friends, it felt good to have someone care and understand who isn’t in his head.
“I didn’t do any research,” Alex started, “but I did ask Eleanor,” The boy’s therapist of six years, “If she had heard about it.”
“You told her?! What the hell Alex! I told you not-“James started to feel his heart racing. He knew that would only make a day attack easier for Vince to begin, but he didn’t care.
“Woah James. Calm down. I didn’t say anything about you having it. I told her that I had seen it in one of those pamphlets in the waiting room where we wait to see her. I don’t get why you’re so hesitant to tell her. She’s a therapist. Her job is to deal with stuff like this all the time.” Alex said as his brother struggled not to strangle him.
James let out a sign of relief. He felt a violent chill rush over his body.
“Are you alright James?” Kelly said, concerned.
“Is it one of those attack things?” Alex questioned.
James took a deep breath and collected his racing thoughts. “No it’s not Vince. It’s Sam. She wants to come out. She likes to get a breath of fresh air, but she didn’t know I was at Kelly’s house. She’s just reading now.”
            Alex looked confused. “How does she read when she’s in your head?”
            “She writes books and reads them after she’s finished. She also takes from my memory and reads from there about the books I read. She has a photographic memory, but since we share a brain she remembers everything that happens to either of us 24/7.” James wasn’t used to talking this much about his alters, but he enjoyed it. The more he explained, the more he himself understood about his illness.
            “Wait, how did you get diagnosed if you never told your therapist? Did you self-diagnose yourself, because you know how I feel about self-diagnosing?” Kelly replied hesitantly.
            James chuckled before answering. “No Kel. You know how my mom had a degree in psychology? I told her before she died and she told me what D.I.D. was and the symptoms. She never actually diagnosed me, but she understood that what I was going through was difficult. She believed that in my own time I would feel comfortable enough to tell someone else, like Eleanor.”
            Kelly sighed in relief at his reply. “Good. You actually had a medical professional talk to you about it.”
            James suddenly realized that his brother was staring intently at the ground. “Are you alright Alex?” James asked. Concern for his brother caused his heart to start racing.
            “Y-yeah. I’m fine.” Alex then stood up and walked back over to the kitchen where he stood in frustration at the food in the refrigerator before him.
            “No, you’re not okay. Tell me what’s wrong.”
            “It’s nothing,” Alex said forcing himself to calm down. “I was just lost in thought.” He continued while he grabbed some apple sauce. “Hey Kels, you got any cinnamon?”
            “In the drawer, Alex.” Kelly replied.
            Alex continued to the spice drawer, and rummaged through its contents until he found the cinnamon. “I know something is up Al.” James said as his brother sprinkled some cinnamon into his applesauce.
            “I don’t know what you’re talking about James.” Alex said, more seriously then he meant to, as he mixed the cinnamon into his applesauce. Knowing that his brother picked up the tone in his voice, he hurried for an excuse to change topics. “Hey, we should get going. Dad might be home and I don’t need him yelling at me for the same thing over and over again for a hundred years.”
            Alex and James hurried to their house as quick as they could. Alex had a hard time keeping up with his brother though. Even though Alex was far more athletic than his brother, James had no trouble running faster than his lazy twin.
            When the two arrived at the house, they saw that there was no car parked in their driveway. Thankful for their hasty arrival, the boys ran inside and continued with what they were doing before their visit to Kelly’s house. Alex ran straight for the couch to continue watching his favorite show, and James ran straight to his beanbag chair where his book rested, almost as if it were awaiting his arrival.
            Around thirty minutes later, James headed for the couch which his brother lazily sat upon.
            “Hey, did you hear a car pull up, Alex?” James questioned his brother.
            “Yeah, I think so. It’s probably Dad and Sarah.” Shortly after Alex finished his sentence and turned to the television, his statement was confirmed. The front door opened, revealing Chris and Sarah Griffin, the two boy’s father and step-mother, followed by the household corgi, known as Jet.
            “Bark bark! “ Jet said, waddling up to Alex and James.
            Jet was a fat albino corgi who loved cheese. Mr. Griffin, the boy’s father, took him with him to his work. It wasn’t bring your pet to work day, but when you’re the boss’ nephew, you can get away with a few things.
            Alex, realizing they’d left their shoes on, anxiously waited for their dad to approach them. “Hey boys. Sorry we’re late. Jet threw up in the car, so we had to clean off the backsplash.”
            Jet got car sick a lot, so this didn’t come as a surprise to the twins.  Alex walked over and picked up their snow white corgi. He walked to the kitchen to get a treat for him, when Sarah, their step-mom, said, “We’re getting food delivered tonight so everyone can choose their own meals.” Jet yipped in reply, knowing he’d get some leftovers from Alex, who always ordered a little more than he could handle.
            “James,” Alex yelled from the kitchen, “Get our usual from The Place.” The Place was a fast-food restaurant that specialized in all of the twins’ favorites.
            “Alright,” James replied, “You want curly fries with cheese, or steak fries with cheese?” Jet, once again, yipped at the mention of cheese.
            “Uhh, let’s get both tonight. I have a couple dollars saved from when I got payed last week.” Alex worked after school as a tutor for special ed. kids. As dumb as he seemed, he was actually quite intelligent. James tended to one up him with straight A’s where Alex got honor roll, but it never caused any arguments between the twins. Sometimes, James ended up asking Alex for help.
            After everyone was done ordering their food, they all sat down in front of the television and talked amongst themselves. Jet, of course, was sitting on the floor by Alex and James’ feet looking for any food they might have “accidentally” dropped.
            While James and Alex were talking about their upcoming English project, their step-mother was preparing how to approach the boys about an issue the two had no idea had come to their attention.
            “Ah-hem.” Sarah was careful not to kick Jet as she went to cross her legs. Sarah always crossed her legs when she was getting ready to say something. “Boys, I was on the phone with your friend Kelly’s dad today-“
            “Which one, Mr. Tom or Mr. Carter?” Alex interrupted.
            “Mr. Carter. Now as I was saying,” Sarah drew in a deep breath and exhaled before speaking. “I was talking to Mr. Carter today and he said he overheard from a neighbor that the two of you have been visiting Kelly while neither of us were aware.” Sarah looked James in his eyes, which made his entire body tense up.
            “Uh, I can explain-“Alex started.
            “No Alex, let your mother- step-mother finish what she was saying before you come up with an excuse that may end up getting you into unwarranted trouble.” Mr. Griffin stated. Alex nodded in agreement, and let out a small sigh.
            ‘Here we go.’  Both twins thought to themselves.
            “Now boys,” Sarah drew her attention towards Alex, whose body tensed up as well as his brothers’ unclenched at the change of focus. “Is this true? Mrs. Harrison if quite old, but quite sharp, and I, along with your father and Kelly’s fathers, believe we deserve the truth when I ask this.” She directed her attention back towards James and said, “What have you three been up to?”
            “Crap.” Both boys said simultaneously. They looked at each other and swallowed whatever food was left in their mouths at that moment.
            She knew.


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