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The Truth

By: Alicat


I might laugh at your words
and seem to brush them off 
but the truth is your words
cut me deeper than any knife
could ever hope to.
I might smile and joke
when you are around me
but alone
I finally take off the mask
I feel like I have to constantly wear around you.

The truth is I am
highly sensitive
and though I try to hide my feelings
they all eventually bubble up and
making me fall deeper into this mess
I insist on calling
my life.

The truth is my mind is
always racing
full of things to say
and do
but they never leave their
prison cell in my mind
but just because they are
doesn't mean they aren't there.

The truth is I have 
no idea
how to act around other people
because of the constant
I feel from the people
around me already.

The truth is I am
put together
like a happy jigsaw puzzle
with a peaceful scene
painted with painstaking detail.
If I was a puzzle
I would be barely started
some piece together normal
I'm sure
but most either
forced together when they
clearly don't fit
or snapped right in half
all pieces blurred in color
or completely black.

Now that I say the
truth I locked away
does this change 
anything at all?
I already know the answer
is no
and nothing will ever change
but it was nice to think
even just for a minute
I could say the truth
instead of hiding away

Message to Readers

Warning: This one is depressing.

Peer Review

I really liked this piece because it's just so relatable. I experience this type of thing all the time. I even have a piece on this same topic on my account but you definitely did it better, lol. Your's feels so raw and untapped - like it's so apparent how prominent this is in your life and you're just now beginning to access these emotions.

Who is this directed to? Is this just a general rant at the world or did you have someone specific in mind when you wrote this? In some instances you refer to "the people around me" and in some instances, you use "you" specifically. It seems to juuust about walk the line between addressing one person or addressing many, so I would make that a little more obvious.

Reviewer Comments

I really loved this piece. It feels so real. Never stop writing!