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Changing Moon: A Werewolf Story (Chapter 5)

November 18, 2018




Soon we were back in school, and we (Fang, Scar, and I) turned seventeen. Because we’re putting on this ‘twin’ façade, Angel celebrated our birthday on Fang’s (August 12th).  Fang is the oldest by 4 days, 7 hours, 3 minutes, and thinking… 7.849 seconds. Okay, no one cares about the technicalities. I come next, 2 days before Scar; which makes Scar the youngest. Angel had her birthday, the second day of our returning to school, and Sheela the same day. Tanner had turned 17 before we cliqued, and Clifton still hadn’t turned seventeen.

Things finally kicked into action, one day when I had witnessed something very suspicious. After lunch hours, when everyone is usually taking break; Sheela, Tanner, and Clifton were standing by the door of the science lab, even though we were given strict orders from Ms. Leu, the science teacher to and I quote: “Stay FAR AWAY FROM THE SCIENCE LAB!” Like a good person, I decided to follow them and go near the science lab. I stayed on the other side of the wall, recording.
“I think that’s really them,” Sheela said.
“Well I think they’re on to us, as well, Clifton replied.
“But how could they know?” Sheela inquired.
“Your obvious ass earrings, gave us away, no doubt,” Tanner said.
 “What else could I have done?” Sheela asked.
“A watch, like us, duh,” Tanner said.
They were wearing watches, how did I not see that?!
“They have watches! Well, not Kyle, but the other two, they would’ve caught on,” Sheela protested.
 “Look Narsa-”
NARSA?! I am one hundred percent sure these are the rebels. So Tanner and Clifton, which one of you is Zultik, and which is Law? FOCUS KY- I MEAN, SHADOW!
“Just get them alone, okay?” Clifton says.
Ha! Think you can get us alone, after we got this evidence?
  I head to the basketball court, where Fang and Scar were going a few rounds. They probably smelt me coming, because they both came my way, without me even announcing. “What’s up?” Fang says, wrapping his arm around my shoulder.
 “You need to see this, now!” I say holding up my phone for them both to see. They both gasped. “Surprised?” I asked.
 “No, it’s just, wow. You did it Sha-Kyle!” Scar replied, clasping my back.
“What’s up, guys!” Angel called, running towards us. I hurriedly clicked off the recording, and on some lame Try Not to Laugh Challenge, skipping it half way through, as if we were watching it, clever. Sheela, Tanner, and Clifton ran up to us as well, and I used every ounce of discipline, not to tackle them, then.  Everyone crowded around me, to watch the video.
 Clifton stood in front of me, and whenever I looked up, he was staring at me. I even saw him take a few almost unnoticeable steps back, and look at me, head-to-toe.  Once, Scar had pointed to something, on my phone, and Tanner grabbed his hand, inquiring about his watch.
“I got it from an antique shop,” Scar said.
“Same shop?” Tanner asked, a wicked grin on his lips, as he held out his own hand, and to my surprise, his watch was designed exactly like Tanner’s.
Tanner watched Scar closely, maybe for a change in his scent or his expression, but Scar’s persona did not falter.
“Maybe,” Scar shrugged, challenging Tanner.
Tanner looked at Sheela-Narsa, and Clifton, both smiled, a wicked smile. Oh boy!
Later that day, we hurried home, to show the agents our recording.
“Yep, that’s them,” David said.
David was the security guy, and out of all the agents, he was the most chill. Rose and Bill began taking extra precautions, and they even talked with my dad on some sort of device. Wait, my dad talking through a device?! He doesn’t even know to look both ways before crossing the street! FOCUS! The agents tried hacking into Angel’s Dad’s system, but failed.
Later that week exactly 2 days, 7 minutes, okay I’ll stop. But later that week, the agents finally finished up their weapon, it was a pistol shaped metal object, that honestly from the looks of it, probably couldn't save us.

Thanksgiving break came around, and so we had a lot more time to think about how to capture Zultik, Narsa, and Law. We had only six days left, to capture them. I also spent a lot of quality time with Angel, because I knew soon I’d have to make up some sorry excuse, like I’m moving. The days went pass like seconds, and I didn’t know which hurt me worse, losing my clan, or losing Angel.
The story has completely changed. So if certain things don't add up from my previous chapters, my apologies. Once I saw the censorship thing, I had to change up the next few chapters.



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  • Quille

    Still going good! I'm loving it :D
    (Having a bit of trouble with censorship too since a couple chapters of the Elfboy book contain slight traces of gore :)

    over 1 year ago